Michael McGuire left his job at a coal mine and ran to the University of Kentucky’s Rupp Arena. As a result of not having enough time to take a shower after his shift, he was caked in mud and grime. Nevertheless, he needed to attend to a significant obligation, and that was to watch a basketball game with his son.

The image of McGuire and his kid watching the game together was captured by a spectator, and it instantly gained widespread attention online. Even John Calipari, who coaches the men’s basketball team at the University of Kentucky, was brought to tears after seeing the photo.

Calipari said on Tuesday at a news conference that the picture “struck him square between the eyes” when it was shown to him. Calipari was referring to the photo that was provided to him. The trainer shared the photograph on Twitter along with an explanation of why it had such an effect on him. According to what he stated, “my family’s pursuit of the American dream started in a coal mine in Clarksburg, West Virginia, thus this photo touches home.”

He said that he wanted to provide the family with VIP tickets, and after doing some investigating, he was able to make contact with Mollie McGuire, who is McGuire’s wife.

According to what I’ve been told, he left his work early to spend time with his kid and see our team play. I have no idea who guy is, but he and his family are going to get the red carpet treatment when they visit Rupp!!

Molly shared with Calipari that her husband was a humble individual who put in a lot of effort. It’s a tough job, but he brings in enough money from that business that I don’t have to put in any more hours. And he’s a great parent all around. Calipari was informed by Mollie that he had engaged in this activity several times.

When Calipari phoned McGuire’s dad on the phone, McGuire’s dad informed the coach that when he was called into the office at work, he assumed he must have done something wrong. Calipari then told McGuire’s dad that he believed the coach was joking. But as he went in, everyone was clapping and applauding for him.

Calipari said that McGuire wanted to attend the game so much that “he was going to leave without bathing or changing, just hop in his vehicle, and go since he got out of the mine late.”

Calipari was referring to the fact that McGuire had gotten out of the mine late.

“No, that’s not what I meant. The reason for this was because he wanted to be there with his kid. “That’s why he did it,” the coach remarked, referring to the player.

Calipari said that ever since the image went viral, hotels have been calling to give them places to stay in. There have been calls coming in from several places providing meals. A auto dealership even made McGuire an offer to buy one of their vehicles.

“Isn’t it wonderful for a low-key and unassuming person like him to realize that other people value him and what he stands for? Calipari said. I am thankful for it since that was the means by which my ancestors began their lives in this nation. The pursuit of the American ideal may be traced back to a coal mine in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

The trainer said after first taking in the photograph, “This one, I’m taking care of this person and his family.”

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