The story of a young boy, then age 10, who stood up for himself after being bullied due to the fact that he was dressed as “Iron Man” has gone viral.

A week ago, Evan Struckman, son of Jill Struckman, participated in a Halloween celebration dressed as Tony Stark at his Missouri school. The event was hosted at his school, and it was themed around the holiday of Halloween. She snapped some photos of the child and then published them to Facebook in order for their loved ones and friends to be able to see them.

Jill said that she overheard Evan remarking how much he enjoyed dressing up on that particular day and how happy he was with himself. The Halloween costume that Evan wore was amazing, and he did a good job at imitating the look of the character he was dressing up as.

On the morning of Halloween, he was so happy to be heading to school dressed as Tony Stark that he almost ran to the school bus. He said that he couldn’t wait to show everyone his costume.

On the other hand, the boy’s happiness did not last long, as it was swiftly replaced with guilt as soon as he boarded the school bus and was told by his other pupils that “he looked silly.”

Jill said that she had got a phone call from the school alerting her that her son was in the office and that other pupils had been cruel to him. Jill also revealed that the school had informed her that her son had been bullied by other students. The phone call arrived a quarter of an hour after the mother’s kid had boarded the bus.

Jill said that this was the very first time she had ever seen his youngest kid get so emotionally disturbed as a consequence of anything that another person had said. She added that she had never seen anything like it.

Jill was welcomed by an extremely upset Evan when she picked up her child from school.

She came to the conclusion that she should talk about the incident openly on Facebook in order to draw awareness to the negative consequences that may result from mistreatment, and she did so by sharing a photo of a child who was looking quite despondent at the time of the post.

She posted the shot with a humorous comment, which read, “Here’s what my little Tony Stark looks like today, both of our eyes are swollen from crying, and we are currently on our way to the grocery store in quest of ice cream.”

It is essential that young children be made aware that words may be painful. Following their departure from the residence, the mother and son went to Starbucks, where they had a conversation about what had happened and how Evan was feeling about it.

Evan was aware, according to Jill, that he had a great look; nonetheless, he let what the other children said get to him and he let it affect him negatively.

She reassured him that everything was going to be well and told him that he looked fantastic before asking him if he wanted to return. Her goal was to keep him from missing the celebration. The young guy replied “sure” to the question.

In a little under an hour, Evan was completely back to being his usual self-assured self as Jill was touching up his makeup. The mother underlined the fact that Evan had received apologies from those who had wronged him and that the school had taken disciplinary action against those individuals.

As Jill reflected on what had transpired, she said that she had never been prouder of Evan than she was at that moment for returning to school and keeping his head held high in spite of the cruel things that had been screamed to him.

Even Evan was able to get up new information from reading this. He gave his mother the assurance that he would never develop into the sort of kid who would intentionally hurt the feelings of people and that he would never do that.

The mother of four has great hopes that the events that Evan went through will provide an opportunity for other families and the children in those households to learn something valuable.

Jill has sent a response to those individuals who have offered to donate money by stating that Evan does not genuinely need the aid at this time. She strongly encouraged them not to buy the item but rather to make a donation to a charity organization or do another act of kindness instead.

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