On the 28th of October, 2022, in honor of Julia Roberts’ 55th birthday, she uploaded a brand new photo of herself on her Instagram account. In the photo, the actress revealed a portion of both herself and her residence.

She was observed donning eyeglasses while she sipped something from a cup that was white in color. As she confronted the camera head-on, Roberts gave off the impression that she was smiling, judging by the expression in her eyes.

There were birthday balloons visible in the backdrop, which were two different colors pink and gold. The celebrity wrote in the caption of her image that on her 55th birthday she was “feeling the love and the magic,” and she continued by saying:

“There’s no more room in my cup.”

The famous actress most likely celebrated the momentous occasion with her doting husband and all three of their children by her side. Fans who really know their stuff are aware that the actress gave birth to her first child at a rather advanced age in her life.

A spokeswoman for Roberts revealed that she and her husband, Danny Moder, had been married for over two years when they announced that they were expecting twins. Marcy Engelman divulged the information that the actress was anticipated to give birth in the year 2005.

Hazel and Phinnaues Moder, the couple’s twins and her first children, were born significantly early on November 28, 2004, than their parents had anticipated. She became a mother for the first time at the age of 37, and she discussed the naming of her children and how she came up with their names.

Roberts considered the name Hazel to be archaic, but he couldn’t help but notice how perfect and courageous the young girl was. The actress thought the name sounded more like a nickname than a proper name, so she wanted him to have a proper name first, and then they could use the name Danny chose for the baby. Her husband had planned to call their son Finn, but she thought it sounded more like a nickname.

People magazine made the observation in December 2006 that the star’s primary focus was on being a mother. Marc Platt, her lifelong friend and the producer of “Three Days of Rain,” provided additional insight into the situation by stating the following:

“She attributes much of her happiness and sense of accomplishment to the children. It’s great to watch it in action.”

People magazine made the announcement in June of the following year that Roberts, who was 39 at the time, had given birth to a son named Henry Daniel Moder. The celebrity’s third child, who weighed 8 and a half pounds at birth, was delivered in Los Angeles.

Her spokeswoman, Marcy Engelman, stated that everyone in the family was doing well. The actress was just a regular parent who placed a strong emphasis on her family, despite the fact that she was a well-known star.

In 2013, the newspaper USA Today pointed out that Roberts did not frequently post pictures of her three children on social media, nor did she give information about where she was or where she was going. She took the time to physically write a thank-you card on paper when a friend sent her a collection of J.D. Salinger’s short stories as a gift.

The actress who starred in “Pretty Woman” was skilled at evading the hectic lifestyle of Hollywood, and when she did so, she and her family could be found hiding out in one of their residences. During that time, the actress called either New York City, California or New Mexico her home. She is quoted as saying:

“We take precautions to keep our children safe. We just want to be left alone to enjoy our time with our family and not have that disrupted.”

The fact that Danny’s wife was too old to participate in the “digital age” or the “weird culture” of celebrities led her to assume that she had been “fortunate.” She was delighted about it and felt that it was of assistance; she was of a different and specific age.

In the year 2010, Roberts disclosed the level of devotion that she had for her children. Since she became a mother, her husband’s early morning wake-up calls were now “sweeter,” and she enjoyed watching her three children adjust to the start of a new day alongside them.

The actress from “Eat, Pray, Love” described her family as “wonderful,” “gentle,” “angelic,” “sweet,” and “heavenly.” In order to keep her brain “strong,” Danny’s wife started sewing when she was 43 years old. She created pillows for her children and slacks for her husband!

“Coming home triumphantly” to her family at the end of the day was one of Julia Roberts’ favorite things to do, and she referred to it as the “greatest stuff.”

Despite the fact that she is a famous person, she plays the role of a typical housewife and mother. In an interview with InStyle that was published in 2018, Roberts explained how vital it was for her to share both breakfast and dinner with her children on a regular basis.

She had the impression that the meals gave them an opportunity to kick things off together prior to the processing and to relax at the end of the day. Aside from the fact that the celebrity met her husband at work, she also believed that the age of 12 was an appropriate time to give youngsters their very first cell phones, as was the case with Hazel.

In an interview that aired on Sunday Morning in 2022, Roberts stated that both her family and her job were important to her, but not to the same extent. She disclosed that playing had not “consumed” her life and that although it was her dream come true, it was not the only one.

The actress said that she had other goals, such as the family life she had created with her husband of then-20 years and their children. Roberts considered it the “greatest stuff” to end the day by “triumphantly” returning to her family in the comfort of their home after a long day.

Additionally, in that same year, she made her debut in a romantic comedy for the very first time. The actress and her longtime friend and co-star in the film “Ticket to Paradise,” George Clooney, worked together again for the film.

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