Simon Cowell is discussing how having children changed his priorities and how he approaches his business.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Simon Cowell, who is 63 years old, discussed his profession, where it has been and where it is going, as well as the X factor in his personal life, his son Eric, who is 8 years old. The conversation took place in a garden and was quite informal.

During the course of the discussion, Simon Cowell said, “God knows what might have occurred if Eric hadn’t been along.” “Before I met Eric, I spent almost all of my time working. It consumed my thoughts constantly.”

Lauren Silverman, to whom Cowell is engaged, is the mother of the child that Cowell had in 2014. He is named after Cowell’s late father, with whom he had a very strong bond up to the time of the latter’s passing.

“After I had to say goodbye to both of my parents, I was very sure I would never experience love like that again — I thought that was it. Then you have children, and while I never imagined I would feel that way, your love for your parents is superseded by your love for your own children “he remarked. “The amount of affection you have for them practically causes you physical pain. Then you begin to wonder, “When he grows up, what kind of life is his father going to have given him?” I give it a great deal of consideration.”

The judge on America’s Got Talent reportedly described himself as “very miserable” before to the birth of his kid.

“Since Eric has come into my life, I no longer keep late hours at the office. If he hadn’t been there, who knows what would have transpired in that situation? Just the idea is too much for me to bear; I just can’t do it “During the interview, he said while becoming emotional:

The TV personality continued by describing his work routine during the height of his fame, adding that he would often work till the hours of 4, 6, and even 8 in the morning.

Cowell said that he was exhausted, miserable, and dissatisfied because he was preoccupied with the ratings fight between U.K. successes The X Factor — his own program — and Strictly Come Dancing, the competition. Cowell noted that he was burnt out, miserable, and unhappy.

He said that he was “tearing [his] hair out” as the ratings began to drop, but his attitude began to shift when his kid began to notice his routines and questioned him about them.

“Around the age of two, he eventually inquired as to why his mother was still in bed at two o’clock in the afternoon. And how are you supposed to explain the phrase “These are my hours”?” Cowell said. “I figured, ‘All right, I’ve got to rearrange everything,’ ”

The former contestant on American Idol emphasized the need of maintaining his physical fitness in order to keep up with the limitless enthusiasm of his kid — “They never seem to get weary. Ever, “He said that being able to see the world through his son’s eyes had provided him with a fresh perspective on his professional endeavors.

When it comes to taking notes on his shows, Cowell has said that his kid may sometimes accompany him. “Also, I keep an eye on him, and if he seems uninterested in anything, I tell myself, “That’s not in the show.” On the other hand, if he seems obsessed with something, I tell myself, “That’s certainly in the show.” In all candor, he is the most accurate barometer, “He gave an explanation.

The media mogul, who was known for his harsh and even brutal remarks as a judge on his programs, said that with the birth of his son Eric, his attitude on providing constructive criticism has also changed.

“The notion that he would be victimized by bullies? I just couldn’t live with it,” he added, adding that he is “one hundred percent” certain of anything “more considerate toward the care with which candidates are treated. He stated, “When it comes to your children, all you want is for them to be happy.”

Up next, Cowell will be teaming up with Eric to write a collection of children’s books on made-up creatures.

According to Deadline, the father and son team revealed in February 2020 that they had signed a publishing agreement with Hachette Children’s Group for a seven-book series titled Wishfits about animals who are “magical and odd.”

Regarding the project, Simon Cowell said, “It’s been amazing.” “I had no idea that I would ever put myself in this position.”

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