In 2016, Anson Williams, well known for his role as Warren “Potsie” Weber on the television sitcom “Happy Days,” was given a diagnosis with colon cancer in stage 2 advanced stage. The actor was overjoyed to report that he had successfully conquered the condition after undergoing two operations and spending three weeks in the hospital.

The actor from “Happy Days” was taken aback by the diagnosis, which prompted him to conduct a life review. In spite of the fact that he had always been a devoted family guy after his disease went into remission, he found that his priorities and his love for his family were renewed.

Throughout his time spent in the hospital, Anson did everything in his power to maintain a happy attitude and encourage everyone around him to do the same. He moved around the room, hoping to divert the attention of the other patients away from their problems and ease the strain they were under. In addition to this, he mentioned that his personal illness served as a wake-up call:

“I had to rearrange the priorities in my life. It turned out to be useful for me in the sense that it helped me become much more steadfast in the beliefs that I have. I came to have a more profound regard for my family as a result of this experience. I have always known that I loved them, and I have always known that they are essential, but now it has reached an entirely new level.”

Following the operation, he rediscovered his ability to take pleasure in life. He began devoting more of his time to his family, which included his children and his wife of 32 years, Jackie Gerken. On top of that, he had just made the decision to run for mayor of Ojai, which is located in the state of California.

The actor and his wife Jackie have four daughters together. Hannah Lily Williams, the eldest of his children, has been quoted as saying that Jackie is the best mother in all of the world. Anson revealed that all three of his younger daughters have achieved the rank of black belt in their respective martial arts.

Hannah, Anson’s oldest child, has been married to Matt Graber for about ten years, and the couple has been quite content. She and her hubby are the parents of three kids, and they have just lately become the proud parents of a daughter. They decided to call their new daughter Leni Jean.

Anson has been married twice, and now he is concentrating on raising his four daughters, Hannah, Olivia, Gabrielle, and Stella.

In the time leading up to the birth of Leni, Hannah shared sporadic updates on her daughter’s development with her audience via articles on her blog. In one of them, she posted a picture of herself, her husband, and their three sons enjoying the outdoors together. She posted images of the family picnic along with a cryptic suggestion about the name of the newborn daughter.

The birth of Anson’s newest grandchild took place in October of 2022, and both sets of grandparents were overjoyed to inform their social media followers of the happy event. Between the months of September and October, Hannah released a few postings on her blog with updates regarding the upcoming baby. Soon after the baby was born, she remarked:

“Our little lady has finally arrived. Came SCOOTING into the world in one powerful push with thoughts of nourishment and warm embraces on her mind. The amount of love we already have for her, along with how stunning she is, simply cannot be put into words.”

After some time had passed, the Happy Days actor’s daughter uploaded another set of images on her Instagram account, this time naming the girl for the very first time. They showed a picture of Leni Jean smiling broadly as she relaxed on her back while wearing a sweatshirt that bore her name. Hannah wrote in the post’s description that they were looking for a name that could be used for either a boy or a girl.

In 2020, Anson made the decision to start the divorce process, despite the fact that he had a growing family and had experienced a shift in his outlook after surviving cancer. Anson had already been divorced from his first wife, Lorrie Maherty, in 1986 when they went their separate ways for the second time.

The divorce petition was initially submitted by Anson and Jackie, Anson’s spouse, in September 2019. After that, the couple made the decision to give their marriage another try, and as a result, they were successful in having the request denied. However, their efforts to reconcile did not provide any positive results.

The couple appeared in court once more in June 2020 to complete the requisite documentation, which had been ordered by the judge. The most recent break in their relationship appears to be irreversible. Anson did not provide any specific reasons for the breakup, but he did say that despite their best efforts to work things out, they had to do what was best for everyone in order to move on.

After going their separate ways for the first time, the two of them decided that they wanted to make amends. However, as they did not want their children to be confused or distressed, they came to the conclusion that the best course of action would be to live different lives and remain apart while they attempted to resolve their issues. Sadly, using this strategy wasn’t enough to preserve the couple off the brink of divorce.

Anson had been married to Lorrie for 32 years before beginning his union with Jackie. They tied the knot in 1978, and there are rumors that they are also parents to a child together. Lorrie portrayed the role of Jennifer Jerome in “Happy Days” while the couple was still together.

The television show “Happy Days” provided not only the opportunity for the actor to develop a connection with Lorrie, but also allowed Anson the chance to have a great career. In addition to this, according to the actor, the show was also responsible for the ensemble developing deep connections with one another.

On-screen, Anson and Lorrie played two characters who were involved in a romantic relationship, and everything appeared to be going swimmingly. Having said that, their real-life marriage lasted for a total of eight years before it ended in divorce. The actor went on to meet Jacki when his relationship with Lorrie ended, and the two eventually got married.

Anson has been married twice, and now he is concentrating on raising his four daughters, Hannah, Olivia, Gabrielle, and Stella. According to reports, Anson’s plan was to share legal and physical custody of his three younger kids among himself. Because Hanna was already an adult at the time, she was not taken into consideration in the discussion over the law.

The relationship between Anson and his ex-wife appears to be going through a rough patch at the moment. The court issue has been resolved, and it appears as though they are going on with their lives despite the fact that they have reconciled in the past. Additionally, Anson has indicated to the rest of the world that he is prepared to move on with his life by updating his status on Facebook to read “separated.”

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