Celine Dion is currently holding her own personal fashion display in Paris during the city’s Couture Week. The singer has made her public debut wearing a number of eye-catching ensembles, but the Off-White jacket and leotard she wore without pants could be her most recognizable look yet. The temperature in Paris has reached the hundreds, so Celine’s choice of outfit is a clever one given the heat.

On the Off-White runway, Gigi Hadid debuted the bright look for the first time by wearing it. Dion wore her brightly colored heels and huge sunglasses with her unbuttoned jacket and left the buttons undone.

Earlier in the week, she sported a belt and unitard from Chanel that were both completely black. She then continued with an entirely new style, this time donning an Attico feathery tube top and asymmetrical jeans.

Celine stood for the camera wearing a jacket by Ronald Van Der Kemp and a bright yellow party skirt, both of which added a splash of color.

Dion attended the Schiaparelli show dressed as Audrey Hepburn, channeling her style by wearing a pleated halter dress and leather opera gloves.

Celine attended the party wearing a ruffled pink Miu Miu gown with a black accent bow. She served us party dress realness.

Dion appeared to be a living optical illusion as she walked the red carpet in an orange and lavender gown designed by Iris van Herpen.

Dion’s appearance at the Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture presentation was nothing short of divine. She wore a white minidress with dramatic sleeves.

Celine deftly updated the typical look of a visitor by layering an “I Love Paris” t-shirt with an oversized blazer for a sophisticated take on the outfit.

Celine is hesitant to label herself a fashion icon despite the fact that she has an amazing sense of style. In an interview with ELLE for her special subscription cover, the singer stated, “I appreciate fashion a lot, sure.” “In my opinion, fashion is a form of art. It’s a means of letting your personality shine through. I start playing once I put something on. I don’t give much credence to my own opinions. I use a character that was created by someone else. But what does it take to be regarded as a fashion icon? I have no idea; all I can do is take things one day at a time, try to improve myself as much as possible, and focus on how I want to feel. That encapsulates the utmost significance.

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