Due to the fact that some members of the Zac Brown Band were refused entrance into Canada at the border, the band will not be performing in Vancouver on Friday night.

The quartet that won a Grammy explained their decision to call off their concert at Rogers Arena in a statement that was made available to us. The group’s performance was slated to begin several hours before it was called off.

“We are very sorry to have to let you know that due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be able to perform in Vancouver tonight. Our audience in Canada is really fantastic, and there is nothing that we would like more than performing for them during a musical evening “They said.

They went on to Explain, “There were charges included on the criminal histories of some of our crew members that dated back more than a decade; these charges have now been expunged. For the last ten years, our group has given regular concerts in Canada, with two of those performances occurring just this year.”

The group said that whenever they have come to Canada in the past, they “have been at the mercy of a single border agent who chooses who is permitted in to work, and sadly, not everyone was able to make it into the nation last night.”

Zac Brown Band said, “We belong together as a family and a tribe. We never abandon anybody in our group and always make sure to support and encourage one another. We are a band that takes great pleasure in the fact that we always perform with enthusiasm and professionalism, and we will always play at venues that enjoy having us there. We are very sorry that we won’t be able to make it there tonight.”

More information regarding what took place at the border, “Zac and the rest of his band, as well as his crew, were stopped for two hours in Vancouver due to the fact that some of his crew members had offenses on their records from a long time ago that had since been cleared. Zac could not bear the thought of abandoning his staff mates since they are so close to him; hence, he made the difficult decision to call off the program. It has caused him a great deal of distress since he loves his followers, but he has always described his staff as being very much like a family.”

Additionally, the band confirmed the cancellation of the gig through their website. The concert was scheduled to take place in Vancouver.

As part of their Out in the Middle Tour, the country rock band is now performing live and will continue to do so until November. They began the string of performances in Greenville, which is located in South Carolina.

The next stop on their tour is a performance that will take place on Saturday in Portland, Oregon. After that, they will go to Los Angeles on November 4 and then to Oakland, California on November 6.

They are also scheduled to perform on November 18 at the Wonderfront Festival in San Diego, California, which will be followed by a show in Phoenix, Arizona, on the following day, November 19.

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