The Williams family lives in Rocky Ridge, Utah, which is located in Juab County. This family is not like other families. Even the typical household that practices polygamy is not the same as them.

The Williams family consists of one biological father, five mothers-in-law, and a total of 24 children who are split out across two houses.

Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie, and Rhonda are the five women to whom Brady Williams, 49, has tied the knot in marriage.

Brady argued that it was not all that tough, and he was right. “We are madly in love with one another. We are nothing more than a typical example five times over.

The family insists that they are conveying to their offspring the message that they are not required to participate in polygamy in their own lives.

Brady made the following observation: “It’s about love, it’s about commitment, and it’s about the happiness of the family.”

The Williams family has decided to engage in polygamy in a way that is seen to be more “progressive.” Brady believes that the fact that his family is vocal about the liberal beliefs they have and that they consume alcohol on occasion has caused their neighbors to see them as “outcasts” in the community.

The family is split up and lives in different areas of two homes that are next to one another. The wives of the 30-person household take turns cooking supper for the family each and every night.

Brady Williams said that it was the same as eating a Thanksgiving dinner five times each week.

The family even starred in their own reality program, which aired on TLC from 2013 to 2014 and lasted for two years. Brady contends that contrary to the widespread notion, polygamy may really be a healthy and loving lifestyle choice. On the presentation, they were able to provide a demonstration of this.

He said that the practice of polygamy had a bad name in the community. “Adults who can provide informed consent are free to live and love as they see fit.”

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