Eli Manning is still fulfilling his need to play football.

It should come as no surprise that athleticism runs in the family of the two-time champion of the Super Bowl. Because of this, the father of four was delighted to discuss everything about the sports that his children are becoming involved in these days.

Manning reveals in an exclusive interview about one of his children, “I do have one who is cheering.” The sportsman has three children with his wife, Abbey McGrew: a daughter named Ava, who is 11 years old, another one named Lucy, who is 9, and a boy named Charlie, who is 3 years old.

Even though he is the father of three daughters, the former quarterback for the New York Giants has found his way back onto the football field. Because she’s cheering at the games, he says, “I’ve actually gone to a few sixth-grade and seventh-grade football games this year.” He offers this information with great joy.

Despite the fact that his daughter does not have pads, plays, or pigskins, Peyton Manning, who is 41 years old, considers his role as a parent a “win-win” because he gets the best of both worlds when he watches her play.

Cheerleading isn’t the only activity that his girls participate in either; they also play volleyball and basketball. “My ladies are playing a handful of them,” confesses the quarterback who used to play for the other team. “They like to swim, and lacrosse is a popular sport among them. I got one playing hockey.”

Manning was raised in a family that played professional football, and as a result, he is an avid supporter of sports and recognizes the significance of competition that goes beyond the simple idea of winning or losing a game. The NFL player, who talked as part of his relationship with Quaker to help combat hunger, said, “I support athletics.” He was speaking as part of the partnership.

“I believe sports are excellent tools for learning life lessons and hard work and devotion… coping with the ups and downs that come all throughout life,” Manning continues. “I think that athletics are a terrific instrument for learning life lessons.”

The former player also said that Charlie Manning, Peyton’s son, participates in a few sports of his own, including basketball and, unsurprisingly, football. This information was disclosed in reference to Charlie, Peyton’s son.

The elated father adds with a grin, “We’re playing a little knee football, or I’m on my knees and he’s, you know, running.” “We’re doing a little knee football” He makes light of the situation by joking that he is “trying to teach him ball security, those critical things.”

Manning made it clear that he would “never impose anything onto him,” despite the fact that it is only natural for him to want his son to participate in the sport that he has played professionally for the last 16 years.

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