Starz will be the new home for the third season of “Step Up: High Water,” which will begin airing later this year. The young performers who are developing their careers at High Water, a venue that serves as an incubator for aspiring artists, are the focus of this series. The next third season will provide all of the drama, mystery, and spectacular performances that were delivered in previous seasons. The lead actress, Christina Milian, recently said with The List that she believes the performances are greater than they have ever been due to the maturation of the other cast members. She said that now that Season 3 had begun, the contestants had significantly increased their level of skill. Whether they were rapping or dancing, the contestants had really brought it on. It would seem that there are a lot of exciting things in store for fans.

Continue reading: This is Milian’s first season with the rest of the group. She joined the cast in order to assume the role of Collette Jones, which had previously been portrayed by Naya Rivera. Rivera, who had played the role of Collette for the first two seasons until her untimely loss in a sad accident in the year 2020. Milian was under a great deal of stress as a result of the fact that she was going to be taking Rivera’s spot on the program. In an interview that was conducted exclusively for The List, Christina Milian spoke candidly about some of the difficult aspects of that experience as well as the steps that she took to respect Rivera’s memory.

When Christina Milian took over the part of Collette Jones, she made it a point to be cognizant of and appreciative of the work that Naya Rivera had done with the character. “She was fantastic in her performance as that character… She truly got there in her investigation of the events leading up to the point when I began playing it “Milian stated. “I wanted to make sure that I was courteous, as well as that I honored her legacy and continued this narrative for the fans of ‘Step Up’ in a manner that was not disruptive,” she said. “It was important to me that I did both.”

According to Milian, she was able to comprehend the role she was playing and make peace with the circumstances by devoting time to reading the script and engaging in prayer. After putting forth the effort, she had the conviction that she could successfully play Collette. Despite the fact that she wasn’t the one who originated the part, she was able to connect with the person she was playing and, in the end, gave both Collete and Naya Rivera credit. “I was able to put myself in this person’s shoes and comprehend her perspective thanks to this ability. It is murky, it is seductive, it is potent, there is a struggle for all of this, it is drama, it is talent, and it is compelling “Milian stated. “Everything that I’ve ever imagined of being able to portray in a character was being given to me,” she said.

Coming into “Step Up” for Season 3, when the majority of the cast members had been there from the very beginning, had its own unique set of obstacles. Christina Milian, who was referred to as the “new girl” on set, said that she wanted to be courteous and take things one step at a time. She did explain, “I never had been in a situation like this where the series, the two seasons, were so established, so coming in and playing Collette and having to meet everybody at the time was step by step.” “I never have been in a situation like this where this series, the two seasons, were so established.”

She realized that “the memory of everything was weighing on the cast,” so she wanted to take things slowly for that reason as well. She was joining the group to play a character that had been established by Naya Rivera, and she didn’t want to tread on anyone’s toes in the aftermath of her passing away. She said, “I was really courteous, and I performed the baby steps and bonded to them gently over each episode.”

On the other hand, she did see a few familiar faces on set, including Ne-Yo, who plays the role of Sage Odom. The two of them have been friends for a very long time, and he portrays her on-screen companion in the series. She was able to depend on those friends while gradually establishing ties with the other members of the cast and crew since she was acquainted with the choreographers, who were Jamaica Craft and Kiki Ely.

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