Ava Jerome, portrayed by Maura West, made her debut on “General Hospital” in the year 2013. Soap Central claims that she arrived in Port Charles as a member of the Jerome criminal family, which instantly placed her in conflict with the mafia leader Sonny Corinthos. Because Ava grew connected with Sonny and Carly’s kid Morgan, Ava’s relationship with Sonny’s wife Carly Corinthos turned antagonistic. Additionally, Ava had some indirect responsibility for Morgan’s loss. She had substituted placebos for his bipolar medicine, which caused Morgan to lose control and steal her brother Julian Jerome’s automobile, which ultimately resulted in his passing.

Ava severed her links to the mafia over time but continued to build up her adversary roster in the meanwhile. A one-night encounter between her and Sonny culminated in the birth of their daughter, Avery, who was named after her. Nina Reeves, who was known at the time as Michelle Stafford, had a lapse, in reality, caused Ava to go into labor, and then abducted the baby. Over time, Ava and Nina changed their relationship from that of adversaries to that of friends.

Even though tiny Avery looks up to both Ava and Carly as mother figures, the two women have never been able to find a middle ground. This is particularly true when Ava devised a plan to separate Sonny and Carly so that he could be with Nina (as shown in TV Season Spoilers). More recently, Ava’s prolonged grudge towards the wicked Esme Prince (played by Avery Pohl) led to her accidentally pushing the adolescent over a parapet, where she is thought to have fallen to her loss.

Ava has been in conflict with a number of different people throughout the course of the series, and actress Maura West recently discussed which of Ava’s adversaries she loves performing with the most and why.

Maura West participated in a Zoom meet-up while at a recent event for “General Hospital” fans and answered questions from viewers. A viewer reportedly inquired as to which actor she likes working with the best, and the actress responded that she really loves working with Laura Wright. This information was obtained from Soap Hub. West stated, “Laura is an actress who is likely to be aware of what she’s doing at all times. Maura has no intention of attempting to discredit me or my reputation in any way. We are going to have a good time, have a few good laughs, and then we are going to leave that place. She is going to tell the tale, she is going to do her job, and she is going to do it swiftly. That must be an amazing sensation.” West went on to compliment Wright for being an outstanding screen partner and stated that the two of them are close friends in real life. West also praised Wright for being a good screen partner.

In addition, Soap Spoiler reported in 2021 on the off-screen bond that West and Wright have. Wright added that she informs viewers that the characters aren’t real and that at the end of the day, each actress returns home to their family. This results in the two of them occasionally watching the same program while messaging each other about it.

Actors like West and Wright are able to become friends in the same manner as Nina Reeves (now Cynthia Watros) and Ava Jerome may ultimately become friends, however, they do not have to deal with the baggage of being vengeful that comes with playing soap opera characters.

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