The routines that gymnasts do are in a league of their own. People have a decent understanding of how fantastic a superb floor routine can be as a result of the recent Olympic competition. It’s almost like seeing a full-body dance that, when you’ve seen it, you can’t take your eyes off of it.

There aren’t very many sports videos or highlights that both men and women watch in equal numbers. When really uncommon footage is discovered, it demonstrates that our passion and admiration for extraordinary athletic performance is a good thing that we can all share with one another. A gymnast from UCLA who did one of those really unusual routines became an internet sensation after doing it.

Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” was the music that UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis chose to perform when she was there, and she did so to that tune.

When the music began, the audience had no idea that they were about to see anything stunning; they were completely unaware. Nia begins in the corner, where she quickly acknowledges the audience before setting up her equipment and getting ready to begin. The young woman, who was 21 at the time, started the act that would become one of her trademarks as soon as the music began.

Nia does not participate in the practice of “ramping up.”

She didn’t waste any time getting into some difficult movements as the music started playing; instead of first warming up the audience with some simpler and more manageable steps, she went straight into the more difficult ones. What is the response? Immediate astonishment.

She throws herself into the air by doing a handspring and then jumping.

Observing work done in the air is usually a very fantastic experience. Even though it appears physically impossible, certain individuals are able to propel their bodies into the air at incredible heights. Because it is so incredible, it always comes as a surprise to see the very first explosion off the floor that sends the athlete soaring skyward.

Nia is able to use her speed to her advantage, which is not often the case with this trait.

It is not sufficient evidence that something is superior just because it is quicker… However, the effective use of speed may sometimes “wow” an audience. Nia did exactly that. She flies about the floor with an astonishing burst of speed, accurately nailing movements that look inhuman in their level of complexity.

While Nia was moving around the court as if she were floating or flying, her teammates could be heard encouraging her. They let her know with hoots and whistles that she was doing exceptionally well, and that she had the support of the whole team behind her! A significant mental advantage may be gained just by being aware of the support you get from others.

However, the judges seem to have seen something that the rest of the people missed, and this caused a lot of people to be upset.

“Are you kidding me? Where is the subtraction, and how is it not a ten?”

“It’s at times like these that I get the impression that the NCAA’s assessment is a little bit arbitrary. This was a perfect 10”

In spite of this, it was incredible to the point where over a million people have seen it.
The opinion of the judges over whether or not it merits a score of ten is rather moot at this point since everyone else believes it was incredible. What are your thoughts on the fact that people from all around the world have remarked on how lovely they thought it was?

Watch the video below to see her incredible routine in action!

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