In addition to her highly vocal positions on a wide range of social issues and her activism, Susan Sarandon is mostly famous for her work as an actress.

In her personal life, Sarandon has gone through one marriage and one divorce. In addition, she has been in three relationships that have garnered major attention from the media. In addition to this, she is a mother to three different children.

In addition, Sarandon has been quite candid about the fact that she intends to have children beyond the age of 40. She has stated this intention on several occasions. Her first child, Eva Amurri, who is now a lifestyle blogger and actor, was born to her in 1985. She went on to have a successful career in the entertainment industry.

In 1989, Sarandon gave birth to her second child, Jack Henry Robbins, who went on to become a director and writer. In 1992, she gave birth to her third child, Miles Robbins, who went on to become a musician and actress.

There is not a single thing that Sarandon wishes she could change about the way that she gave birth to her children or the order in which they were born.

They advised me, “Don’t have the baby,” as if doing so would be detrimental to my career, and they reminded me that I was already rather old.

She continued by saying, “I had my first baby when I was 39, and I had my third kid when I was 45, and with each child, (people were like), ‘Are you crazy?'” Don’t!’”

The actress offered some words of advice to women who were expecting children. “No matter how involved or well-intentioned your baby daddy or spouse is, it is up to you in the beginning,” she added.

She followed by advising us to “Try to have the best fun you possibly can have with the delivery and everything else because it’s a really crazy, sci-fi voyage.” It is not healthy to place an excessive amount of pressure on oneself to be perfect.

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