When Tia Mowry and her husband of 14 years, Cory Hardrict, made the announcement on Instagram that they were seeking a divorce on October 4, the internet had only one thing to ask: What did this guy do? The first presumption, whether justified or not, was that he had to have cheated in some way. (As soon as they prove themselves worthy, society will put its faith back in straight males. Okay?)

But not so fast, the internet! Hardrict is now making his presence known in the uncharted territory of the comments section on Instagram, where he is labeling all of these suppositions lies, fiction, and fabrications. In reaction to a remark made by a reader on one of his pieces in which the reader stated, “Cory nooooo. Tia, don’t make any mistakes! According to People, Hardrict’s response was simply, “Lies!” I mean, the investigation is over, right? I surely have no more questions.

Because I have also been keeping up with Mowry’s social media, where she has been tweeting cryptic self-help aphorisms all week, it is evident that I do know what she is talking about. Statements such as “I am now creating room for what is intended.” In addition to this, “Reminder: You are sufficient. You deserve love. You have a right to have your genuine self recognized and appreciated, and you deserve it. And, “I will only choose to perceive love because I am love.” I am love. I have faith that you will as well.”

I am not really sure what any of this signifies, and there is not much evidence to suggest that Hardrict was involved in any shady operations. They are not tweets written by Michelle Branch. Nevertheless, in the absence of any concrete proof to the contrary, I have little choice but to trust my instincts. And Tia Mowry, the star of Sister and a millennial icon for all time, will always have my undying devotion. In a message that Mowry published on Instagram, she said, “I want to thank my friends, family, and fans for your love and support as we start this new chapter going ahead in our lives.” Mowry expressed her appreciation for the many joyful moments that she and her husband had together. I will always be here for you, sister.

By Anna

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