In the trailer of season 12 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills., Housewives Garcelle Beauvais, Erika Girardi, Diana Jenkins, Dorit Kemsley, Crystal Kung Minkoff, Kyle Richards, and Lisa Rinna are seen getting back together to discuss the drama that has occurred over the course of the previous 21 episodes.

The three-part reunion was already making headlines well before the editing process had even begun.

First of all, Jenkins wasn’t there in person since she had to film her portion from a distant location because she had a positive test for COVID before to the taping in early September.

In the weeks after production ended, host Andy Cohen has also suggested that things were so tense that the ensemble didn’t even stand together for a cast portrait afterwards, which would be a first for the Real Housewives series.

The preview makes it quite obvious why this is the case. There are several face-offs, with accusations and finger pointing flying from both sides of the couch.

At the beginning of the trailer, which picks up shortly after the conclusion of the reunion, an emotionally distraught Richards says to Cohen, “I’m really not alright right now.” “I am not interested in remaining seated here for the toast. May I take my leave?”

When we rewind the drama, we find out that the reason Rinna was crying had to do with the ongoing feud she has with Richards’ sister, Kathy Hilton, who is also a cast member on Friend of the Housewives. The dispute centers on whether or not Hilton said something during the cast’s trip to Aspen, Colorado.

In earlier episodes of this season, Rinna has made the assertion that Hilton had a breakdown and spewed profanity against Richards and the other Beverly Hills Housewives that was so venomous that she was forced to lock herself in her room in order to avoid hearing it. But despite the fact that Hilton subsequently expressed regret for her actions, she now seems to be on the offensive against Rinna by casting doubt on the latter’s credibility.

Hilton remarks to Rinna, in reference to Rinna’s previous feuds from previous seasons with RHOBH alums including her sister, Kim Richards, “You fight with everyone.” Hilton was referring to Rinna’s history of fighting with other people. “What did you do to my sister, and how did you manage to have Lisa Vanderpump fired from the show? I mean, one could go on and on with the list.”

“Everyone in Hollywood is aware of the fact that you are the worst bully in Hollywood,” she continues.

The mother of Paris and Nicky concerns whether or not Rinna brought up her off-camera outburst in an attempt to keep her job. Paris and Nicky’s father also has his doubts. She makes light of the situation by saying, “You wanted it on video since your contract was coming up.”

On the other hand, it does not look like Rinna will back down. Rinna continues to maintain that her account is accurate, stating, “I was f—-ing humiliated by Kathy Hilton.”

Richards is now at a point where he must make a decision.

She tells her sister, “I need to finish up in a better position with here with her than when she arrived,” and she is referring to the current situation. “Take a good, hard look at where we are right now.”

In addition, the Housewives discuss additional hot topics from the previous season, such as the contentious manner in which the women dealt with Kung Minkoff’s eating disorder and the online attacks against Beauvais’ son, who is 14 years old. The former host of The Real explains in the trailer that she believes one of the women in the group was responsible for the comments.

Cohen questions Rinna’s social media rants as well, calling them “disastrous,” and he asks Girardi if she was “her own worst enemy” when she defended herself this season when the topic of her $750,000 earrings was brought up. Rinna’s social media rants were brought up because of the debate surrounding Girardi’s earrings.

Kyle tells Girardi, “You were out of control,” but Girardi replies, “I was not out of control; I was upset.” “You were out of control,” Kyle says Girardi.

There is also at least one stunning surprise when Girardi admits that before Dorit Kemsley met her husband PK, he approached Girardi and asked her if she was “in erotica.” This took place before Dorit Kemsley ever met her husband.

Kemsley is quoted as saying, “I don’t even believe I know that!”

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