At the concert that was held on Monday as part of the ongoing Hold On Baby Tour, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter who is best known for her song “Let Us Die” was joined onstage by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes to perform a cover of the band’s alternative hit from 2005, “You Only Live Once.” The Strokes released the song as a single.

“What, you say we’re in New York? We’ve arrived at my hometown now. Therefore, it may be only appropriate that we play a song by The Strokes at this time, “King Princess, whose true name is Mikaela Straus, shared this information with the audience, and she was rewarded with applause. “I mean, I’m not really sure. I have no idea who is about to walk through these doors, but…”

Before performing the opening guitar riff from the First Impressions of Earth album track, the musician who plays “Talia” told the audience with a joke that “Julian phoned in ill,” in an effort to trick them. King Princess sang the first verse and chorus of the song on her alone before being joined onstage by Casablancas, who sang the next stanza. Casablancas is 44 years old.

During their duet, King Princess and Casablancas performed the following chorus of the song, during which Casablancas moved behind King Princess while playing electric guitar and covered King Princess’ eyes. She did it in a lighthearted manner, exclaiming, “You’re f—-ing me up, bitch!”

After stepping close to Casablancas’s ear to whisper something in his ear, the rock musician joked, “Who the f—- was that?”

Laughing, King Princess called out “Julian Casablancas, bitch” as he exited the stage. “Julian Casablancas”

After the performance at Radio City Music Hall, the “Little Brother” singer’s Hold On Baby Tour is scheduled to visit further cities in North America such as Toronto, Seattle, and Los Angeles before coming to a close with a string of gigs in Texas that run through November 5.

The second studio album by King Princess, titled Hold On Baby, was released in July and included a duet with the late Taylor Hawkins, the drummer for Foo Fighters. The song, titled “Let Us pass away,” was recorded with Hawkins before his untimely passing in March.

When she was asked about the tune by Entertainment Weekly at the time, she claimed that producer Mark Ronson was the one who first pitched the concept. She said that once Mark Ronson heard the tape, he commented, “I truly believe there has to be a live drummer.” She stated that she agreed with him.

Even though they both knew that they needed a drummer, she could hardly believe it when Ronson mentioned Hawkins as a candidate. She recalls asking Ronson, “Oh my God, do you think we can get Taylor?” in reference to Taylor. The hitmaker of “Uptown Funk” convinced Hawkins to give his consent after only one phone conversation.

“FaceTime was our next step. It was a madhouse since he was recording in Los Angeles while I was in New York. I was listening to Taylor making my album better than I ever imagined it could be when I was at my boyhood home, which doubled as my father’s recording studio. The record was called “1950.” “vocalist said in an interview with the outlet.

King Princess said the following in a different part of the interview with EW: “In addition to just putting down a drum track, [Hawkins] contributed something to the song that goes so much farther. He showed me a level of musicianship as well as respect and decency that I will never forget. I will always remember what he did for me.”

In addition to that, she said that whenever she talks about the partnership, she becomes emotional. The statement that King Princess made was, “I didn’t know Taylor that well.” “I just felt so supported by his skill, and I can’t believe I have the song,” she said. “I can’t believe I have it.”

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