A few hours ago, two guys were brutally battered within an inch of their lives by suspected gangsters in Oshodi.

This was made public by Obi’s Banner Boy, an enthusiastic Peter Obi fan who goes around flying a flag emblazoned with Obi and his running companion, Datti. He disclosed the fact that even though they disliked their lifestyles, they were still living them.

This event has led some notable people to respond as they were astonished as to why these accused goons would carry out such an act.

However, Mr. Peter, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, has left many people talking since they are still astonished by the situation. Mr. Peter has not yet responded to the incident.

Aisha Yesufu sent a message on her official Twitter account in which she appealed to people to blame her for Peter Obi’s lack of comment on the subject. The message was sent as a tweet. She said, “I accept full responsibility for Peter Obi not tweeting on the flag boy injury, and I apologise for my actions,” and continued on to say that she was sorry. Blame me!

By Anna

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