In most cases, if you need assistance with a problem in or around your house, you will phone a firm and hope that they can get someone out as soon as possible. However, even while the individual often contributes to the resolution of the issue, it is not always the case that their acts cause your heart to melt.

One mother in South Carolina was absolutely floored by the generosity of her internet technician. She shared her experience on the internet, and ever since then, it has made a number of people happy.

The day was completely turned around for the family thanks to a Spectrum Internet technician.
The mother of the family, Jessica Nash Donnahoo, came to Facebook to discuss a particularly uplifting event that she had just had.

The internet service of the family was about to be upgraded, and the technician, whose name was Robert, was on his way to the home to get the TV streaming began. It really shouldn’t have posed that much of a problem, should it?

Except for the fact that they were truly having a terrible day as a family. He did, in fact, unwittingly step into a chaotic situation.

In a post she made on Facebook, Jessica elaborated as follows:

“Sailor, my kid, will be three years very soon. In addition to being blind, he was born with two very unusual brain abnormalities.

The mother proceeded to explain that Sailor is unable to articulate his needs and that he was having a very hard time on that specific day in particular.

While her husband was at work, she attempted to be helpful to him despite the fact that she was also juggling a number of other responsibilities around the home, such as taking care of her kid, cleaning, and doing the laundry.

The overworked mother found that it was a great assistance.

“Robert might have strolled in, hurried, and left, but instead he recognized a need that was larger than the internet, and he addressed it.” That goes above and beyond providing good customer service; it exemplifies the very best of mankind. Something ought to be done for Robert—a raise, a promotion, something! He is an asset to your firm, and the generosity he showed me will stay with me forever.

After doing such a beautiful deed, Robert is without a doubt someone who should be recognized for their efforts, and it seems that the rest of the world feels the same way.

The number of “likes” and shares on Jessica’s Facebook page quickly climbed into the hundreds of thousands. Everyone felt that this was exactly the right amount of sugary, and everyone agreed.

Robert, who is a dad himself, shared his thoughts on parenting with FOX Carolina News, saying:

I had no idea that it would have such a significant influence on the situation as it did. I never considered him a youngster with special requirements or anything like much alone someone with a handicap of any kind. He was simply a youngster who wanted to be picked up, and it wasn’t an issue for me as a parent because he was just a kid.

Isn’t this the sweetest little tale you’ve ever heard? As parents, there are moments when we could all use some assistance, and it is a gift when that assistance is actually provided to us.

To see an interview with the helpful technician, just start the video that’s been embedded below.

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