Nowadays, getting married can be a lot of fun, especially if the bride and groom work together to design their own special ceremony. People wed in odd locations, in outrageous attire, with comic themes, and in unexpected settings for pictures.

They may all provide their guests a unique experience. Some couples take significant steps to design a really unique wedding ceremony. You never know what will occur no matter the topic or the location!

That’s exactly what Mary Holland Tosse had in mind when she opted out of Felix Mendelssohn’s customary rendition of the wedding march. Mary, a Norwegian lady, shocked everyone in the room, including her future husband, in the most dramatic manner imaginable. She had no clue she was going to utilize the well-known song.

Mary and her father go through the doors as they open. She is not aware that she has a microphone behind her back from the guests! Mary stuns everyone by singing “You Raise Me Up” by the Irish-Norwegian pair Secret Garden wonderfully as she makes her way down the church aisle. This song has been performed by numerous recording artists and is a favorite of talent competitions all over the globe!

She surprises everyone in the church, including her fiance Ronny Eidsvik. Without a doubt, the move caused several of Mary’s audience members to cry, leaving them in desperate need of some handkerchiefs at the conclusion of her performance. It’s a heartwarming sequence that might be easily turned into a movie.

In churches all around the United Kingdom and Ireland, the song is presently performed as a modern hymn, but for the couple in this case, it has a unique significance. When Mary hands her father the microphone so he can sing a line, Ronny is even more surprised when his beautiful wife makes her way slowly to the altar. Even if it didn’t quite live up to Mary’s expectations, it was still a lovely occasion!

With a stunning brass accompaniment, the all-female choir joins in. We’re sure that the happy couple will appreciate viewing the wedding ceremony’s film in the years to come, as well as how memorable it will be for all of the guests. Mary need to likely submit an application for Norway’s Got Talent as well.

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