There is nothing that can compare to how amazing and beautiful marine life is. Because the ocean has always been a mystery, spending a significant amount of time at sea might seem like you’re always embarking on a new adventure.

However, despite this, the ocean remains a dangerous place to be. In 2017, a dead elephant was found washed up on the shores of Sri Lanka. If it weren’t for the efforts of the Sri Lankan military, specifically a group of naval divers, these two beautiful animals likely would have died.

When you are out on the open sea, there are a number of things that might surprise you for no apparent reason. For example, there is a chance that the weather may shift unexpectedly, and you have no way of knowing what could be lurking underneath your ship in the very deep seas.

When you’re at sea, you never know what you’re going to encounter, whether it’s a group of friendly dolphins that waves hello or a swarm of jellyfish that’s lapping up some warm water. This is something that the crew of the Sri Lankan ship could testify to. The most of the time, the team may be found out at sea, either keeping an eye on certain regions or working on certain missions.

In the year 2017, as the crew was out on a normal patrol, they came upon an unidentified mass in the water.

The boat that belonged to the naval team approached the bulk and proceeded to get closer to it before the crew realized that it was something else. They suddenly became aware of the fact that their mission was going to be very significant pretty immediately.

As they were around 10 miles off the coast, their boat was traveling through rough waves. They quickly came to the realization that what they had first interpreted as a mass was, in fact, a huge elephant. Officials believe that the elephant may have fallen into the ocean after becoming frustrated with its inability to get across a lagoon, and that a strong current may have carried it farther out to sea.

Even though it was completely fatigued, the elephant continued to struggle for its life in the treacherous waters. The crew of the ship understood they needed to move swiftly in order to rescue the elephant and get it back to solid ground. The elephant was in danger.

There are a lot of people who are unaware of the fact that elephants, despite their great size and weight, are really quite adept swimmers. This is because elephants have buoyant bodies and their trunks serve as a type of snorkeling for them.

The naval team from Sri Lanka and the other teams that joined the group collaborated to formulate a plan for the rescue operation. The elephant was swiftly restrained with a leash and carried back to dry ground so that it could be released back into its natural environment in a secure manner.

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