Every dog has a particular toy that they adore.

It is the item from which the dogs believe they cannot be separated. They are content to engage in any activity with their toys, whether it playing, napping, or just moving around with them. They won’t go on any kind of journey until they first obtain their new toy. They think of it as a wonderful friend and a trustworthy partner.

The dog seen in this video, Winnie, is not an exception to the rule. The nice girl has an unquenchable passion for blankets, which her mother has generously provided for the whole family.

She can’t stop putting the blanket in her mouth and moving about the house with it. She takes it outdoors, cuddles it on the ground, lays on the sofa with it, swims in the pool, and does everything else she wants with it.

Winnie’s mother urges her to put down her blanket before she can do anything else, but Winnie stubbornly refuses. Even when the blanket is being washed, the dog waits patiently by the washing machine. After they are prepared for usage, she will keep them in her mouth while she walks around.

As can be seen, Winnie has a deep and enduring passion for her blankets. She doesn’t want to part with them for even a second longer. It’s simply the way that the takes care of her most prized possession. What a kind and lovely young lady!

By Elen

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