In the 1950s, Brigitte Bardon was a well-known bombshell who had a career as an actress and singer. The actress had a full and interesting life, which included relationships with a number of different men; yet, starting a family was never an option for Bardon. She has also said in front of everyone that she does not want to have children.

Brigitte Bardot was a French singer and actress who was famous for playing roles in which she gave her characters the freedom to be open about their sexuality. It’s interesting to note that the actress’s real life was just as exciting as her roles on film.

Early on in her career, the star of “Contempt” began gaining experience in the film and entertainment industries. She had previously been featured on the cover of Elle Magazine when she was just 15 years old.

Because of her seductive looks, Bardot was admired by many. She claims to have had as many as one hundred partners, male and female. The actress found herself in the position of having to negotiate her way of life with her parents when she was a teenager due to her rebellious nature.

Bardot began dating assistant director Roger Vadim, who was six years older than she was, when she was just 16 years old. They fell in love after a chance encounter at a movie audition, despite the fact that Bardot’s parents disapproved of their union.

When Bardot’s parents learned about her connection with Vadim, they immediately put a ban on the two of them being together. However, the actress was unable to withstand the pain, and as a result, she made an attempt on her own life.

Bardot placed her head in a hot oven in an attempt to kill herself by self-immolation, but her parents were able to locate her in time to save her life. The debate between Bardot and her parents concluded with the actress continuing to see Vadim, but they were not permitted to be married until she was eighteen.

Bardot kept her word and wed her boyfriend, the assistant director, as soon as she turned eighteen even though they had been dating for only a year. The two people just could not get enough of one another’s company.

In her second marriage, Brigitte did not feel she was ready to become a mother or father.

In the year 1959, when Bardot discovered that she was pregnant with her first son Nicolas Charrier, she did not react with the greatest amount of pleasure to the news. The actress has this to say:

“When I glanced in the mirror, my flat, trim tummy struck me as a good friend whose casket lid I was about to shut.

The actress Brigitte Bardot did not look forward to becoming a mother. Shortly after the birth of her son, she made another attempt on her own life, and as a result, Jacque Charrier was awarded exclusive custody of his son.

Bardot steadfastly maintained that she was not “made” to be a mother and that she had no desire to have children of her own. She also remained by her position that she did not want to become a mother.

Bardot is being sued over her memoirs, for which she and the publisher are also being sued. The actress made derogatory comments about her son and her former spouse, which led to Nicolas filing a lawsuit against his mother on the grounds that his right to privacy had been infringed.

Because Jacque was dissatisfied with what Bardot had written about their tumultuous marriage, he decided to file a lawsuit. In the book, Bardot describes her ex-husband not only in a professional but also an emotional capacity as a failure.

It was found that no one’s privacy was invaded since Nicolas was still a fetus when the events that were described in the book took place. However, the court did not agree to take the book from the shelves where it was being sold.

In addition, the idea of a mother turning her back on her kid is not one that is often accepted in society; thus, the novel presented a unique point of view. Despite the fact that there were health warnings attached to it


The connection between Bardot and her son is strained to say the least. The kid of the actress has been profoundly impacted by many of the things that the actress has spoken. For example, at a press conference for her book, Bardot said that she wished she had given birth to a little dog instead of a human person. This statement was made in reference to her child.

These are some of the nasty words that have left Nicolas wounded and have caused a barrier between the two of them. The mother-son connection remained strained throughout the years, to the point that Nicolas did not ask his mother to his wedding in 1982. This was because of the extent of the strain. After then, Bardot did not have contact with her son for an additional ten years.

Not to mention the way that Bardot has insulted her ex-husband in the past. Surprisingly, the actress claimed that Jacque was not allowing her access to her kid, and she detailed the reasons why Jacque was doing so in a manner that was both condescending and disrespectful.


Gunter Sachs, a German national, became Bardot’s third husband when the actress tied the knot with him. Unfortunately, Sachs ended his life by taking his own life, and Bardot began a new chapter in her life.

After seeing how much she cared about animals, she decided to leave the acting industry to focus on advocating for their rights. Even more impressively, the actress is the founder of a charity that helps animals in need.

Benard d’Ormale, a politician, became Bardot’s fourth husband when the actress decided to give marriage one more go. The couple continues to share their home with a large number of strays and other animals.

As for how she is with her children, they continue to be emotionally distant from her. Bardot has become a respected member of the neighborhood, and she recently said that she has been showered with gifts of followers and chocolates from those who frequently communicate with her.

Nevertheless, when questioned about getting presents from relatives, Bardont attempted to evade the question until she revealed, “I do not even know where she is.” The actress is currently 87 years old and has two grandchildren, both of whom were born and raised in Norway and are aged 30 and 35 respectively. In addition to that, she is a great-grandmother.

Despite this, Bardot was still unhappy about the prospect of having more children in her family. She responded as follows when asked how she felt about being a great grandmother:

“I just can’t get my head around the fact that I have great-grandchildren. Even though I’m 87 years old, people would never guess that I had wrinkles just by looking at me!”

Bardot has said that tending to the needs of animals makes her the happiest in her life. The actress said that she had allowed males to influence her younger self, but that she is now ready to embrace her true identity. According to Bardot, being in the presence of animals makes her feel that she has nothing for which to complain.

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