An cute video that shows a dog expressing appreciation and pleasure toward the lady who saved his life has gone popular online. The video can be seen here.

After being published on The Dodo’s website, the film has received more than 6 million views to this day.

The unknown lady said that she discovered the dog tied up outdoors in the summer heat. The animal had no access to food or water and seemed to have severe dehydration. The lady went on to clarify the situation by saying:

“I came across dogs who had been abandoned for many days with no access to food, water, or shelter, and the temperature was well over one hundred degrees. They were unable to move since they were tied to their feet. I was hoping that someone would come to their aid, but I was unable to go to sleep at night, so I ended up rescuing them myself.”

The lady came to the conclusion that the animal could not be abandoned, so she loaded it up into her vehicle and drove it back to her house, where it could get the care it needed. It is possible to hear the lady crying as they are traveling, yet the dog seems to be overtaken with joy and appreciation.

The lady on to say: “It hurt my heart to see that he was being disregarded, and despite the fact that he wasn’t furious with me, he thanked me anyway. After I began crying, he once again turned his focus away from himself and onto the things I need. It was virtually impossible for me to think that such a loving response could come from an animal that had just recently been free from that circumstance.”

One of the individuals who commented on the video said: “He is still able to read people and has a greater capacity for compassion than the typical fully formed human being, despite the fact that he was injured and abandoned by someone. I believe the dog is trying to cheer her up in the only manner it is aware of, but it is remarkable that he is able to comprehend her situation well enough to know what she needs. Anyone who is able to harm something that is so pure deserves whatever punishments the world has in store for them. Whoever gave up on this dog did him a favor; they did not merit the dog’s affection in the first place.”

Dogs can die in extremely high heat, that said, it is always best to contact animal protective services if you see an animal in danger.

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