Viewers of “Days of Our Lives” are accustomed to seeing a number of nefarious characters, including Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo), Orpheus (George DelHoyo), Clyde Weston (James Read), Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston), and Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis), amongst others, cause a great deal of mayhem in Salem. Recently, however (via Nine). However, many of the female characters in the soap opera have been just as fascinated with their deviant ways, and you would not want to know them in real life if you could help it. Some of the residents of Salem who have caused the greatest damage and caused the most difficulty have been women, and they have spent years conspiring and planning against their adversaries.

One of the most terrible women in Salem is played by Stacy Haiduk who goes by the name Kristen DiMera. She is the one who kidnaps Brady’s child, imprisoned Marlena in a hidden chamber, and perpetrated a number of serious crimes. According to TV Overmind, Sami Brady, played by Alison Sweeney, has lied, cheated, blackmailed, and done everything in between for her own personal benefit, and Gabi Hernandez, played by Camila Banus, is cut from the same fabric. During her decades-long reign of terror in Salem, Vivian Alamain, played by Louise Sorel, has produced some memorable drama by burying people alive, taking embryos, and engaging in a wide variety of other horrific acts.

Eve Donovan, who is sometimes referred to be a villain, has, without a doubt, spent a significant amount of time straddling the line between good and evil.

When she was a disturbed teenager, Eve moved to Salem.

The character of Eve Donovan was shown to the audience of “Days of Our Lives” for the first time in 1987 when actress Charlotte Ross was cast in the role. According to Soaps in Depth, Eve had a difficult time adjusting to life in Salem when she first got there as a teenager. As a result, she finally turned to prostitution for a living. Eve’s life was in a constant state of disarray since she worked on the street and was even the victim of an assault by a serial murderer known as the Riverfront Knifer. During her time at school, Eve developed a crush on Frankie Brady and did all in her power to cause a rift between him and his girlfriend Jennifer Horton. However, her plot was unsuccessful, and Frankie ended up leaving town. This served as the spark that started Eve and Jennifer’s ongoing animosity with one another. In the meanwhile, Eve’s fellow students found out that she worked as a prostitute and the news crushed her. In an act of retribution against her pimp, she drove his vehicle over a cliff, which ended up killing him.

Kimberly Brady (Patsy Pease), who had the desire to assist the troubled young adult, eventually became friends with Eve and became her friend. Eve was given a job by Kimberly to care for Kimberly’s kid, Andrew, and Kimberly’s husband, Shane Donovan, was the one who introduced Eve to Shane (via Soap Central). However, Kimberly was completely unaware of the fact that Shane really had a biological daughter named Eve. Eve made the decision to end Kimberly and Shane’s marriage when she became more acquainted with the family. She then proceeded to work toward that end by causing problems in their relationship.

Naturally, the truth was ultimately uncovered, and Salem was informed of the account of Eve’s paternity at some point in time.

Gabrielle Pascal, a former operative for the ISA, is Eve’s mother.

Fans who have been following “Days of Our Lives” for a very long time may recall that Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy) has been employed by the ISA for a very long time. Gabrielle Pascal, Shane’s ex-partner and the mother of Eve Donovan, reappeared in his life when she was pretending to be a Russian agent before they had Eve (via Soap Central). After that, Gabrielle began an affair with Shane in order to get information about the ISA. After it was discovered in the future that Shane had shared classified information, he was terminated from his position with the ISA.

When Shane found out that Eve was his daughter, he first assumed that she was the biological child of his ex-wife, Emma Donovan. However, Eve was really Shane’s daughter. In spite of this, Gabrielle was eventually exposed as Eve’s real mother after further investigation. Actress Karen Moncrieff, who has previously been in programs such as “Any Day Now,” “Diagnosis Murder,” “Silk Stalkings,” “Santa Barbara,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and “Guiding Light,” played the role of Gabrielle on “Guiding Light.” Other shows in which she has appeared include: (via IMDb).

In the end, Shane adopted Eve and gave her his last name so that she could be considered a legally recognized part of his family (via Soap Central). Despite this, Kimberly had a difficult time dealing with Shane’s history, and she ultimately chose to leave Salem. Even though they ended up getting back together in the end, the presence of Eve in their lives wasn’t always smooth sailing. Eve ultimately moved away from Salem, but she came back in 2014 playing the role alongside actress Kassie DePaiva (via Soaps in Depth). Eve’s persistent misbehavior demonstrates that she takes like her mother Gabrielle, who also stirs up trouble, rather than her father Shane, who is an agent for the ISA.

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