The highlighted legacy families on “The Bold and the Beautiful” are getting ready for a major party or celebration. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and her daughter Hope (Annika Noelle), who is at the crux of the drama, have been at the center of the rising tension that has been building between the Forresters and the Logans for the previous several months. Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is spending more time away from home as he tries to mend his relationship with his former wife, Taylor, and their children. As a result, Brooke’s marriage to Ridge is beginning to fall apart.

Brooke has made many efforts to win Ridge back, but she has had little luck so far in doing so. Ridge has not opened up to either lady about the status of his sentiments at the present time. Brooke is concerned that Ridge is becoming farther apart from both of them. According to Soap Central, Steffy has enthusiastically pushed herself into the drama by lobbying for her parents to get back together and by listening in on Brooke’s phone conversation in an effort to cause an even deeper gulf between them. Now that each of them has chosen a side, the tension that existed between Steffy and Hope has been renewed. The two main women have put their quarrel to one side for some time now in order to prioritize the needs of their mixed family. Soaps claimed that Hope is struggling to come to terms with her husband Thomas’ choice to raise their son Douglas full-time and bring him into the Forrester estate. However, this ceasefire has been thrown out the window as Hope deals with Thomas’ decision.

Fans have been divided on Thomas and Hope’s dispute for custody of Douglas, and many are unsure as to which setting would be most beneficial for him. The struggle for dominance between the Forresters and the Logans has just reached a new level of intensity.

Fans speculate about whether or not Brooke is the identity of the anonymous caller.

In spite of her concerns, Hope has been striving to maintain the status quo for Douglas’s sake, and she is collaborating with Thomas to find a solution that does not include the relocation of her son’s address. She has people on her side, according to Soaps, despite the fact that fans are split on how they feel about her fears over, and response to, Thomas’s suggestion on living arrangements.

Brooke has not been coy about the fact that she is not a fan of Douglas’s temporary living circumstances, which she refers to as an “extended sleepover.” After Brooke expressed her fears that Thomas could be using a knife, “The Bold and the Beautiful” released a teaser on Twitter that hinted the new drama might entail Child Protective Services showing up at Thomas’s house. This came after Brooke had expressed her concerns to Thomas.

Fans are already putting their best sleuthing skills to use in an effort to determine who reported Thomas to CPS. One of Brooke’s fans sent a tweet in which they expressed their belief that the conversation had Brooke’s fingerprints all over it and that it will lead to the end of her marriage, saying, “REALLY BROOKE!! YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FIND RIDGE AGAIN!” It does not assist Brooke’s case that she had confided in Ridge that she would report him to child protective services if it meant she could keep her grandchild safe.

In the event that it is discovered that Brooke did, in fact, report Thomas, she has some supporters waiting for her online. Another supporter of Brooke tweeted their admiration for her, stating “Congratulations to Brooke! A representative of sound judgment and common sense on this program. I adore it. Call the Youngster Protective Services if you teach a child that it’s alright to do harmful things with a kitchen item and then use the same instrument to threaten the child’s grandma.”

The majority of users on Twitter are sure that all indications lead either to Hope or Thomas.

I hope it was Hope who called CPS, because of what Brooke told her, then Thomas and Ridge could be rid of both of them for manipulating the situation again to take Thomas’ son,” one fan wrote, pointing the finger at Hope because her mother openly shared her fear over Douglas’s safety after the knife incident. Hope’s mother publicly shared her fear over Douglas’s safety after the knife incident.

Other fans are under the impression that Thomas was in fact the one who placed the call for sinister intentions, which is a surprising turn of events. One supporter suggested in a tweet that the performer may have concealed his identity by using a voice-changing application, saying, “I believe that Douglas was experimenting with a voice app, and I believe that app is related to this. Because Thomas is so dishonest, I have no doubt that he would use it.” One more viewer expressed agreement, stating in the comments section, “Yep the way he appeared to know CPS was coming he knows something or guesses maybe Steffy, or Douglas may have used the voice app thing.”

If this argument is accurate, then it is possible that Thomas is acting innocent and blaming Brooke in an effort to definitively sever his father’s connections with her. Most likely, he is doing this in an effort to protect his own reputation.

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