As a result of Kenan Thompson’s lengthy tenure on Saturday Night Live, he has developed relationships with hundreds of other cast members and hosts throughout the course of the show’s history; nonetheless, there is still one member of the cast who is on his “cast bucket list.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly conducted in the advance of the 48th season of the NBC late-night sketch program, Thompson expressed his disappointment in having missed out on the opportunity for him and former cast member of Saturday Night Live Tracy Morgan to collaborate on the show.

Thompson, at 44 years old, has been a cast member of SNL since 2003, arriving on the show soon after Morgan’s stint, which lasted from 1996 to 2003. Morgan, on the other hand, has made many appearances on the show after his leave, both as a host and as a guest, which has made it possible for him and Thompson to participate in sketches together.

Thompson said that he had a lot of fun with the individual in question. “This whole sort of experience has been very much like having a really close older brother like him. And I’ve never met somebody who was more effortlessly funny — like, just off the top of his head at any given hour, any given circumstance, do you get what I’m saying?”

After that, he complimented his fellow comic by expressing the following about his comedy skills: “It’s nothing more than his mindset, to be honest. And the things that he says are crazy. It is really funny in every way.”

On a more serious note, Thompson said that Morgan, 53, had “a heart of gold,” and she added, “he’s always had a sort of big brother feeling for me, you know — he’s very protective or trying to teach me information and things like that.”

The comic also said that it would have been a lot of fun to “see him in a job situation,” meaning that it would have been really entertaining.

According to Thompson, “He’s one of those men that you simply need to start writing when he speaks.”

“Because he will never return to that notion again — he is simply spit-firing — so it is up to you to seize these things, then keep them for a while, and then reintroduce them to the public. But, oh, being around him is such a delightful experience.”

When asked which former cast member from the program he would want to co-host his ultimate farewell episode with, Thompson listed a few names that immediately sprang to mind.

In a video that accompanied the EW interview, he was heard saying, “The one cast member I would like to return for my last show question was answered when Eddie Murphy hosted, so now I have to ponder.” Eddie Murphy has previously hosted the program. “Because he hosts, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Will Ferrell. He was another person about whom I thought, “I would absolutely love to…”; yet, this kind of thing has occurred more than once.”

He said, “I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Cheri yet.” “I believe that being in the company of Cheri Oteri would be a lot of fun. Every single lady I’ve ever spoken to from Saturday Night Live is really quick-witted, hilarious, sophisticated, beautiful, and all of the above. Do you get what I’m getting at? Simply said, spending time in their company is almost always a delight. Therefore, I really want to talk to Cheri.”

Thompson, who hosted the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards earlier this month, had previously told PEOPLE that there’s “more” for him to do at the NBC series. The show recently announced the departure of seven cast members and the arrival of four rookies ahead of season 48 of the show.

When asked what has kept him going back to the event for 20 seasons, he told the hosts of PEOPLE and EW’s Emmys Red Carpet Live, Janine Rubenstein and Jeremy Parsons, “It’s always different every time.” “That aspect of it is quite exciting. Finding new and amusing things, particularly as one progresses farther along in their stay, is a source of great excitement.”

In a June interview with PEOPLE, the legendary star of Saturday Night Live discussed his early career as an actor and how he moved into the realm of comedy. During this conversation, he made history.

“Even though the plays were meant to be dramatic, comedic relief parts or lines were always handed to me while I was growing up,” he remarked. “I suppose it’s due to the fact that I have a pretty face.”

Thompson acknowledged that his involvement in the theater as a youngster was responsible for exposing him to a diverse range of genres, but he found that humor was the one that most resonated with him.

“I spent my childhood performing in theater,” he stated. He continues, “But when I started getting jobs, they just continued in the comedy direction, like Mighty Ducks and then Nickelodeon.” “It’s a vast variety of things that you learn in the theater, like drama, some comedy, and some Shakespeare,” he says. “But when I started getting jobs, they just continued in the comedy direction.”

He added: “And then Saturday Night Live unquestionably served as the official stamp, proving that you are a comic. You may call what you do acting, but the truth is that you’re a comic.”

The debut of Saturday Night Live’s Season 48 will take place on October 1 on NBC.

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