The thirteenth birthday of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s daughter Charlotte Grace is being commemorated in a significant manner.

On Thursday, the actress posted pictures from the “cocktails and caviar spa party” that she threw for the teenager and her pals. The party was a glamorous way to spend the day.

“My daughter told me she wanted cocktails and caviar spa party for her 13th birthday… so we had to make that happen,” Gellar wrote, noting that there were “mocktails for the kids and cocktails for the moms.” Gellar’s daughter had told her mother that she wanted a caviar spa party for her birthday.

She went on to say, “Thank you so much to the amazing folks at an organic green beauty salon for turning my daughter’s fantasy birthday celebration become a reality.”

In addition to this, Gellar said that the party “was the idea of late filmmaker turned publicist] Scout Masterson before we lost him a little over a week ago.”

“We were aware that you were present together with us. Additionally, we adore you.”

Photos from the eventful day show Sarah Michelle Gellar wearing a tiara while taking a selfie, the teenager standing with her pals in front of a cake, and even the “happy teenager” having a facial massage.

Gellar said that the birthday cake topper was a picture of Charlotte when she was two years old, and she mentioned that the birthday girl had specifically requested a photo topper for her cake.

In another picture, Charlotte is seen posing with one of her other pals as both of them are wearing robes and holding mocktails. Gellar captioned the photo with the phrase “living their best teenage lives.”

Charlotte, the daughter that Gellar, 44, shares with Freddie Prinze Jr., 45, was dressed in a hot pink blazer and a pair of white sneakers when she attended the recent special screening of the Netflix teen drama with her mother, the Do Revenge actress. Gellar wore a shiny bronze dress and heels to the event, while Charlotte wore a hot pink blazer and white sneakers.

Gellar and Prinze are also the parents of Rocky James, who is 9 years old. At the beginning of this month, Gellar and Prinze celebrated the landmark occasion of their 20th wedding anniversary.

The pair discussed the beginning of their relationship and how things have evolved for them in an interview given in the year 2021. The interview took place in 2021. Gellar said that they began as “simply two individuals at dinner catching up” prior to things taking a turn; nonetheless, Prinze admitted that he quickly understood that Gellar was going to be his wife.

He said, “I didn’t go on dates with other females, and I didn’t even want to seek dates with other girls.” Neither of those things happened. “It dawned on me one day that we are going to be married, and that I was going to pop the question to her. I had no idea when or how it would happen.”

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