Josh Duhamel is enjoying the fruits of his marriage.

At the premiere of the actor’s newest movie, “Bandit,” which took place on Wednesday at the Harmony Gold Theatre in Los Angeles, the actor and his wife Audra Mari made their first appearance on a red carpet since getting married earlier this month in Fargo, North Dakota. The wedding took place earlier this month.

On the red carpet, Duhamel wore a sharp-looking suit that was all black. Mari, a model who won the title of Miss World America in 2016, looked just as chic in a black dress that had an asymmetrical high-low hemline and exaggerated shoulders.

The newlyweds, who had just tied the wedding on September 10, seemed to be quite comfortable with one another as they stood arm-in-arm for photographs.

When questioned about his life as a married man with his wife Mari, 28, Duhamel, 49, said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “I’m blessed. I’m very, very fortunate.”

In reference to the day that they were married, he said that “the most unforgettable event was seeing her at her wedding .”

In the film Bandit, based on a real event, Josh Duhamel plays the role of Gilbert Galvan Jr., a criminal who evaded capture in jail in Michigan and went on the run in Canada, where he stole fifty banks in three years’ time. On Friday, the movie will be shown for the first time in cinemas.

In an interview that took place after their wedding, Mari disclosed to Vogue Australia that their big day came dangerously close to being canceled.

After hurting his back the night before his and his fiancée’s wedding, the actor found himself in the emergency hospital the morning of their wedding. She claimed in an interview with a magazine that he had slipped a disc because he had been “doing some crazy dancing routines” on the party bus.

She laughed as she recalled her response to the unexpected trauma, which was to say, “Cue the cortisone injection, and let’s get married!”

She and Duhamel did in fact end up being married on the planned date, and the ceremony took place on the rooftop of the Jasper Hotel in North Dakota.

In 2019, after he had finalized his divorce from Fergie, Duhamel started a relationship with Mari. The “Big Girls Don’t Cry” singer, who is 47 years old and filed for divorce at the end of May 2019, is getting divorced almost two years after she and the actor announced their separation in a joint statement back in September 2017. In January of this year, Duhamel and Mari went on to formally announce their engagement.

Mari is reported as “extremely lovely, compassionate, and close with her family,” according to a person who spoke to us soon after the engagement news. This individual also said that Mari was “getting to know” Duhamel’s 9-year-old son Axl Jack, whom he has with Fergie.

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