Even our pets get into the holiday mood.  They each have their own traditions that help them get in the Christmas mood. Put on their best Christmas attire and lend a hand to their parents as they deck the halls; there are many more fun activities to participate in. Some children literally can’t wait till Christmas morning to tear through the gifts that their parents have strategically placed around the Christmas tree.

The lovely Basset Hound named Solomon, who appears in this story, does some “poetry.” About the Christmas tree, the dog, who is now six years old, can’t stop dancing around. The energetic and smart dog enjoys using the tree as a back scratcher and dance tree in their yard.

This is a nice restaurant with a pretty environment; to celebrate the holidays, why don’t you do something exciting? You’ll find that dancing not only helps you relax, but also brings extra attention to you from the other people around you. Even if you’re just bopping about the house, it may bring your humans a lot of happiness and make them giggle.

This is where you can find the video of Solomon dancing, which is really lovely.

There are times when our pets have something to teach their people. They are motivated by their actual feelings, which gives their day-to-day existence more vibrancy than it did the day before. These colorful fellows genuinely know how to live in the moment and have fun.

Simply tell the story to your loved ones and friends if you think the lovely Solomon and his dance performance are entertaining. have fun!

By Elen

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