The 90-Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? The episode that aired on Sunday night left viewers hanging with a cliffhanger that might determine their future. Even though Kim, who is 50 years old and has just recently arrived in Nigeria, may be leaving the country after having a heated dispute with Usman, who is 32.

Before Kim started searching for airline tickets, Usman made the comment, “If this is not good for us, it is best that we call it off.” The response she gives is, “I guess I’m simply going to attempt to go home.” “I’m going to go search for a ticket to fly somewhere. I’ll get a loan from someone to cover the expense. You go and search for 5,000 different spouses.”

The concept of Usman adopting a second wife, which is significant in his culture, was the primary focus of most of the discussion in this episode. In the past, despite the significant age gap between them, Kim was willing to give her consent for Usman to take a child-bearing wife in addition to the one she already had, so long as he guaranteed that she would never have to interact with the second wife.

On the other hand, in the episode that aired on Sunday, Usman proposed that they modify the agreement so that he would be allowed to take on three more women in order to have more children in a shorter amount of time. “You should know that I have the capacity to produce nine [children]. I don’t want to drag this out for a very long period, so why don’t we just add two more spouses to the mix?” Usman stated.

“The answer is obviously not… I can hardly manage one at a time “Kim gave a response. “I don’t give a damn.”

Kim became so angry that she threw a milkshake at Usman and then stormed out of the restaurant as the fight became more heated.

Back at the hotel, the couple got into an argument regarding who among them had been the one to make the greater personal sacrifice in order to fulfill the cultural expectations of the other.

“It seems as if I am making every effort to integrate myself into your society. Every single thing, “Kim said. “We had sexual encounters,” Usman explains further, “But that’s not part of my culture until I marry you.” I did it so that I could better fit in with your culture.”

Kim considers her time spent alone in Nigeria to be the greater of the two sacrifices. “I’m in an f—-ing country by myself with somebody who supposedly loves me that I’m willing to go meet his family, take a second wife — you don’t think this is a lot for me?” “I’m in an f—-ing country by myself with somebody who supposedly loves me that I’m willing to go meet his family, take a second wife.”

Usman alleges in a confessional that “It is so evident that Kimberly’s envious because of the second wife,” and acknowledges that it’s possible their relationship won’t succeed if she can’t be tolerant of his customs.

It seems that Kim admits to this in her own confessional, indicating that she was unaware that both spouses would be considered equals and that she was oblivious of this fact. “I had no idea that the love shared by the first wife and the second wife was comparable to one another. It makes no sense to me at all, “― I quote her. “Usman doesn’t always tell me the whole truth about what’s going on, but when he does, he spins it so that it seems like I’m the one who’s insane.”

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