We are all aware that dogs have a high degree of toughness, but a German Shepherd has pushed it to a whole new level. It would seem that he was rescued after falling around 12 feet down into a large hole in California.

When Lexi fell into the hole that was 12 feet deep, her owner was playing with her outside.

They were from the southern part of Fontana, which is where the event took place. It would seem that Lexi enjoys playing the game of hiding and seek, but it seems as if she carried things a bit too far this time.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that having fun with dogs is a lot of fun, but when they’re wounded, it may be unsettling to be around them because of the possibility that they could be harmed. They have a place in our hearts just as much as any other member of the family does, and we want to lend them a hand in any way that we can.

When Lexi’s owner discovered her at the bottom of a hole that was twelve feet deep, I have no doubt that she felt exactly that way.

It should have seemed like hours had passed in those few minutes, but thankfully, they were successful in rescuing Lexi and she is now safely back at her house, where she belongs.

A post was submitted to Facebook by the city of Fontana’s Authorities Department, which stated: “Animal Solution Officers promptly sought assistance, and our fantastic firemen aided in rescue Lexi from the enormous hole.”

I am aware that many people believe that the work of a police officer is one that is associated with a great deal of stress, but I also know that there are going to be moments when it is quite gratifying.

They were successful in extracting the dog from the hole, and to everyone’s surprise, she had suffered no injuries. A police representative said that she has been reunited with her owner and that she is in good health, as shown in the footage that can be seen below.

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