It is extremely challenging to seek for yourself when you are all by yourself in this world; yet, Marley, a stray dog, was able to soothe himself with the corpse of his mother. Marley’s mother was killed in a car accident on a stormy night, and while he stood by her side till she passed away, he saw himself to be in a secure environment.

When the rescuers from Diasozo Animal Rescue arrived to save dozens of animals, including Marley, he was fearful and distrustful of them. Because he didn’t want to upset his mother, he was quite reluctant to go to the shelter when it was finally suggested to him.

The poor dog was suffering from clinical depression, and in an effort to avoid having to interact with anyone or anything, he simply turned his face into a wall. However, the people who rescued him did not give up and continued to try to make him feel their love for the rest of their lives.

After two days, Marley started to feel more secure, and a person who offered to foster him took him in as a foster child. After a period of one month, Marley was transformed into a magnificent puppy that was adored by everyone. Now, he has found a home with a new father to move into permanently! Take a look at the video clip that is provided below.

By Anna

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