Today, precisely one week after the passing of the Queen, the youngest son of the King, Prince Harry, celebrates his 38th birthday. The celebrant, who is making preparations for her loss, will have a spectacular year in 2018.

Harry and the Queen had a very strong connection, and despite the turmoil that ensued among the royal family as a result of his departure, she nevertheless made an effort to wish him well on the occasion of his last birthday.

The Queen had sent a heartfelt tribute in celebration of her grandson, who had just turned 37 years old. In addition to the personal birthday congratulations from the last reigning monarch, the royal family’s official social media accounts published four photographs of Prince Harry.

Royal experts noted that the passing of his grandmother was traumatic for him, just as it was for other members of the royal family. They also asserted that the funeral preparations would undoubtedly have an effect on him as well, prompting him to reflect on the services that were held for his mother.

A body language specialist observed that the Duke of Sussex seemed to be in a state of visible sadness as he walked behind the casket containing the Queen. In order to stand apart from his brother’s military garb, he attended the march wearing a dark suit.

When Harry opted to step down from his position as a member of the royal family, he was relieved of his honorary status as a member of the military, despite having served in the army for ten years and attaining the rank of captain during that time.

Harry’s relationship with his grandmother remained cordial despite the fact that he had abdicated his obligations as a member of the royal family. Therefore, the Duke of Sussex moved the audience to tears with his eloquent remarks in honor of the Queen.

During his statement, Harry noted that his “granny” was a “guiding compass” and that she was totally devoted to her military duty. He also emphasized that she was a veteran.

The Prince acknowledged his feelings of gratitude for the memories they had shared together from infancy till the time of her loss. He mentioned the Queen’s meeting with Meghan, their son Archie, and their daughter Lilibet, who was named after Meghan’s grandmother.

Harry acknowledged the reigning king, King Charles III, and then wrapped off his speech with some poignant comments in which he expressed his desire for a reconciliation with his paternal grandparents. It said there:

“You are already being missed very, very much…

I am grateful for the helpful counsel you provided. I’d want to express my gratitude for your contagious grin. Even though we are saddened, we are happy to know that you and your grandfather are once again together and at peace.”

Even if Harry is turning a new age today, he may be continuously reminded that it was on the same day last week that he lost his courageous grandma. Today is Harry’s birthday.

The “Royal Protocol” Can Be Broken Regarding Harry and Meghan’s Wedding.

A brief memorial ceremony was held for the Queen around twenty-four hours ago, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended it with the rest of the royal family.

As the pair exited Westminster Hall, witnesses reported seeing them walking closely together while holding hands. This was in contrast to the other royals, who were seen walking more quickly and without holding hands with their partners.

However, another assertion is that they would not be given the HRH designation if it were applied. This concerns Harry and Meghan because they are under the impression that their children would be automatically protected by the titles they hold.

Their display of affection for one another prompted responses from royal watchers. An authority on royal matters, Shannon Felton Spence, acknowledged the couple’s actions. She added that it was a gesture of solidarity for the Prince, who was suffering the loss of his mother.

Spence said that while there are no regulations regarding public displays of affection (PAD) for royals, it is quite unusual to see them in such a situation since they often project a professional look. She went on to say that

When we see William and Catherine, they are working together as a team as a husband and wife.

The analyst gave the impression that interactions of this kind between William and Kate occur on a relatively seldom basis. For example, while they are participating in a sporting event. Therefore, Harry and Meghan’s seems incredible, as it often does in situations like these.

Even though the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were the only couples at the wedding to be seen holding hands, a famous psychic and body language expert named Inbaal Honigman claimed that their behavior did not constitute an inappropriate public display of affection.

According to Honigman, the pair’s tasks were distinct from those of other royal members, therefore they were exempt from the need to observe royal etiquette and conduct in a professional manner. The famous clairvoyant observed that neither King Charles nor his wife was seen holding hands, which was also true with William and Kate.

The reason for this was that they were required to carry out their responsibilities as royals, in contrast to Harry, who was no longer a senior member of the royal family. In her words:

“William is present in a role that is open to the public. Even though he had to say goodbye to his grandma not long ago, he had to focus on his duties as the oldest son of the King since they are more essential right now. They are active members of the Royal Family and adhere to all of the rules and regulations.”

It’s Possible That Harry and His Children Will Lose Their Titles.

According to a reliable source, the new King in town undoubtedly operates on a different set of guidelines. A source close to the situation claims that King Charles has consented to issue a Letters Patent that would bestow the titles of Prince and Princess to Harry’s children.

It is believed that this will make happen in the near future, and when it does, Archie, who is three years old, and his sister, Lilibet, who is one year old and lives in the United States will receive the titles of Prince and Princess appended to their names.

However, another assertion is that they would not be given the HRH designation if it were applied. This concerns Harry and Meghan because they are under the impression that their children would be automatically protected by the titles they hold. According to the anonymous source:

“The fact that Archie and Lilibet are unable to assume the title of HRH has left them seething with rage. They may have the titles of Prince and Princess, but they cannot have the title of HRH since they are not active members of the royal family.”

Since 1917, when King George V received his degree, Archie and Lilibet have been legally entitled to their titles, which became even more important after the loss of the Queen. This regulation was put in place to restrict the number of royals who may hold the HRH title.

Phil Dampier, an additional specialist on the royal family, considers this decision to be a “typical compromise.” However, he clarified that this is not the first time a royal family member has held a title without the status that goes along with it.

Dampier highlighted past members of the royal family, Sarah Ferguson, and Diana, as examples. However, he did concede that while leaving their previous posts, they were still able to keep their titles, which were not HRH titles.

After their breakup, which the media called “Megxit,” Meghan said that her kid would be barred from competing in any championship due to his black heritage. On the other hand, she clarified afterward that the “grandeur” of royal titles is not associated with this honor.

Even though Harry and Meghan made it very plain two years ago that they would not be participating in any royal responsibilities, the pair has magnificently honored the Queen and showed their support for the rest of the royal family as they have reunited to take part in the funeral plans.

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