A picture of a rescue dog in grief at the loss of his adopted human went viral, and the canine has now found a new home.

The dog, named Moose, was seen calmly waiting for his dad to come home next to his human’s hospital bed. He was not aware that his owner had passed away.

A week after the passing of Moose’s owner, Eleventh Hour Rescue shared the picture along with the dog’s narrative and a request to find him a new home. About the image, the rescue wrote:

“Moose patiently waited for his father to leave the hospital while he was unaware that “Dad” had gone away. Now that Moose has been brought back to Eleventh Hour Rescue, he is grieving the passing of his father very deeply.

Moose was also “standing at the door, waiting for his owner to return home,” according to Moose’s owner’s carer, the rescue subsequently revealed to TODAY. Since she was unable to comfort him, she gave him back to Eleventh Hour Rescue so they could attempt to place him for adoption.

The heartbreaking past of Moose, a 3-year-old Labrador mix, was revealed by Eleventh Hour. In 2017, Moose was discovered in Georgia chained to a railroad sign in front of an animal sanctuary.

“Moose spent several months at the shelter, and throughout that time, no one expressed interest in adopting him. For Moose, this was terribly unfortunate. You see, the longer a dog stays in a kill shelter, the more likely it is that they will be put to sleep as a result of overpopulation. Fortunately for Moose, a volunteer at a nearby shelter was determined to prevent that from happening.

In order to get Moose to New Jersey, the volunteer arranged for a rescue partner to pick him up. Once there, Moose rapidly gained the admiration of the volunteers.

“His upbeat demeanor and his love of life drew us over. All of us wanted Moose to locate the ideal house. And then his “dad” came upon him one day, and they started dating. Finally, Moose had a warm place to call home. Moose’s future seemed to be rather promising. However, tragedy struck a year later when his father passed away, leaving Moose once again in need of a home.

The rescue organization pleaded for a foster or permanent home to help “Moose’s heart mend.”

As soon as Moose’s picture and tale became viral online, many adoption applications started to arrive at the rescue. The adoption of “this wonderful, loving kid” was revealed three days later.

“A loving family has adopted MOOSE and will take care of and adore him for the rest of his life! Here is a photo of Moose with his brand-new human siblings (Mom & Dad were a bit camera shy). Once again, I want to thank everyone who told his tale. ”

According to Eleventh Hour, Moose will be adopted by a four-person family who just lost their own dog of 14 years and wanted to adopt a dog. They are also close friends with a volunteer for the rescue.

We’re overjoyed that Moose gets a chance to recover and has a permanent home. Visit the Eleventh Hour website to view more of the canines who are available for adoption.

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