One day at a farm, something extraordinary happened. It was the kind of experience that many of us cat lovers, both past and present, have experienced or would want to have at some point in the future.

A little cat was seen climbing up the arm of a guy who was working on the farm. The kitty, for no apparent reason, chose to climb up on the man’s shoulder and just… remain there.

It just so happened that the fortunate guy was a carpenter from Red Deer, which is located in Alberta, Canada.

He had just completed his task when this little calico kitty chose to make her home on his shoulder. She didn’t waste any time making herself at home.

Reddit user GodlyGrilledCheese stated, “She simply strolled up to me and meowed once, then when I took her up, she climbed up onto my shoulder.” GodlyGrilledCheese was referring to the cat.

“The location was close to my workplace, which is located at the residence of my employer. They make their home in one of the well-insulated barns that he has on his property. It seems like everything is well with her since I sometimes see her out and about.”

Unfortunately, the apartment complex he lives in does not allow residents to keep pets, or else he would have adopted the adorable little girl. He is not giving up hope of finding a place in the world for his most devoted supporter!

Amy of Love Meow said that he assured her that “their small nest is cozy and toasty throughout the day and night, with enough of blankets for them.”

“As a highly masculine guy, I can honestly say that I couldn’t be more excited to have a little meow.”

What an incredible honor it is to be “selected” by a feline companion! Isn’t it?

By Elen

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