If you have ever been a guest at a wedding, you have most likely listened to the newlyweds’ family members and friends give a variety of toasts. The guests and the wedding party are quickly moved to tears as a result of a humorous speech delivered by the sister of one of the brides.

It is reasonable to assume that the vast majority of people detest being required to give public remarks. You are going to have to give a presentation in front of a huge audience, and you will need to put in a lot of preparation for it. Mel was able to deliver a humorous address at the wedding of her sister, Heidi, despite the fact that this occurred.

Mel, who is dressed in a maid of honor outfit in a basil green color, gives a warm greeting to everyone while making a funny comment that makes everyone laugh. The lady commented that she was pleased she had had a lot of Johnny Walker Blue before coming here so that she would be prepared for what was about to happen.

She continues to speak while throwing in some biting quips here and there. At one point, she made the statement that her mother had given her two pieces of advice: “Don’t burp and don’t curse.” All right, mom, take this one for your collection. When she says, “I’m not going to burp,” she suddenly adopts a tone that will cause you to break down in tears before you you know what’s happening.

By Elen

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