Very few individuals can sing an Aretha Franklin song as well as she did, with the exception of Aretha herself. There are some of the most talented singers in the history of the planet included in their ranks. Because of this, Destiny Chukunyere, who hails from Malta, selected “Think” by Aretha to perform during her audition for the 2017 season of “Britain’s Got Talent,” a decision that did not exactly make Simon Cowell happy. At the young age of 14, she faced a project that was going to be very hard for her to complete.

This song has a lot going on, from the tempo to the lyrics to the different notes it uses, thus it’s a really complex piece. This song is often considered to be among the most challenging pieces ever composed. However, Destiny did not back down from the challenge. She was ready to rise to the challenge and show everyone how seriously she took her work as a singer. She was prepared to rise to the occasion.

It did not take her long after the song had ended to register the reception that she had received from the crowd in regard to her performance. The crowd as well as each of the judges showed their admiration for the performance by standing up and giving it a standing ovation.

The only comments that Simon made about her were kind ones, and he had nothing negative to say about her. He was so impressed with her that he went as far as to remark that he had waited a long time to see someone who he believed had the potential to be an actual star, and that he gave her some of the highest compliments. and the steps he took to track down that person in the end.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that her audition received positive feedback from all four judges. Destiny gently accepted her promotion to the next level, and everyone around her was all smiles.

The young lady known as Destiny has a lot of natural abilities. Nobody else could do this Aretha song as brilliantly as she did; she was the only one who could. There is no denying that she is making headway in her singing career. It will be incredible to see how much farther she gets as time goes on. Watching this video will allow you to appreciate what an amazing performance it was. You won’t want to miss out on this chance if you can help it.

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