After being introduced to one another by their respective sets of parents, Dr. Mehmet Oz was able to meet the woman who would become his wife, Lisa. Even though they had a rocky start to their relationship, they decided to give love another shot after they were involved in a horrible argument. Several decades later, they are now proud parents of four lovely children and devoted grandparents to their grandchildren.

Although they have been married for more than three decades, Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife do not seem to be slowing down in any way, despite the fact that their partnership has stood the test of time.

One of Dr. Oz’s most important accomplishments is that the two of them have managed to have a relationship that is successful by Hollywood standards. According to the well-known television personality, who is also an author, professor emeritus, and retired cardiothoracic surgeon, the key to maintaining a happy marriage is to continually put effort into revitalizing the connection.

Reinventing oneself in a relationship and one’s marriage every seven years is necessary, just as it is in the workplace and among other friendships. In addition to this, Dr. Oz stresses the importance of having a loving and supporting relationship with one’s spouse.

Lisa, his wife, is the one person in his life who he can fully trust to have his back even in the most difficult of circumstances. He raved over her, saying things like:

“Because she strokes my head, she is the finest. She provides me with inspiration. Because you are aware that having the right perspective on a number of these things is essential, she is able to reassure me.”

Although things worked out nicely in the end between him and Lisa, Dr. Oz did not always have it so easy. Things were not always a walk in the park for him. Their families met for the first time during a meal that was planned specifically to bring them together. This was the beginning of their friendship.

Arranged weddings are still common in several cultural traditions. Just like any other, some of them are successful while others are not. And although some people may think the approach is unconventional, Dr. Oz and Lisa can count themselves fortunate that their parents saw them as a good match for one another.

Both of their fathers were friends, which is how Dr. Oz and Lisa first became acquainted with one another. In a manner similar to an “arranged marriage,” they extended an invitation to the children to join them for supper one evening.

Lisa was caught off guard when Dr. Oz arrived since she had no clue who he was. She was under the impression that he was the maĆ®tre d’ at the time, and she remembers thinking to herself, “Wow, that waiter is so attractive.” She recalls that they did not chat with one other or get to know each other over the night due to the fact that Dr. Oz only spoke to her mother.

Having said that, he did have a strategy in mind. He reasoned that if he could win Lisa’s approval from her mother, then Lisa would be more likely to like him and go on a date with him. In the end, he did ask her out, but Lisa told him that they could only go out together if he was single and not seeing anyone else.

Although he found her demands to be overbearing at times, he found the candor with which she conducted herself to be invigorating. They embarked on their first date, which Lisa often refers to as “sort of a catastrophe” in the past tense. In spite of the fact that he took her to a steakhouse despite the fact that she is a vegetarian, she decided to give him another opportunity, and they eventually began dating. He recollects that:

After dating for around seven months, we had a major argument, after which I recognized that I couldn’t carry on living my life without Lisa.

After coming to the conclusion that it was high time for him to take his relationship to the next level, he gave pursued the woman as she walked down the street. He spontaneously picked up a tab from an aluminum can that was lying on the ground and offered it to her, explaining that even though he was aware that it was not much, he wanted them to create something out of it even though he knew it was not much. He had intentions of marrying her.

They’ve been married for 37 years and had four children, and a number of grandchildren, yet they still have that childlike sparkle in their eyes. On the occasion of their 36th wedding anniversary, Dr. Oz thanked Lisa for everything that she does and uploaded a throwback picture of the two of them on their wedding day. He gushed over her, saying things like:

“Getting married to Lisa was easily the finest decision I’ve ever made. The best decision I’ve ever made.”

Since their wedding in 1985, the pair has been blessed with four new additions to their family. Their first child, a novelist and TV personality named Daphne was followed by Arabell, Zoe, and Oliver in quick succession.

They have brought up their children in the six-bedroom, eight-bathroom house in the Palisades that they built from the ground up and which serves as their primary residence. They had been seeking a place to call home for more than twenty years when they finally decided to purchase a piece of land on the Palisades, which is a steep region in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, that has a view of the cityscape of Manhattan.

The house has served as more than just a residence for Dr. Oz, Lisa, and their family; it has also been the setting for a large number of birthday parties and other significant events.

Dr. Oz and Lisa are no longer in need of a place for their children to live, so they invited Daphne, her husband John, and their four children, Philomena, Jovan Jr., Domenica, and Giovanna, to live with them in their pool house while they looked for a new home of their own. While Dr. Oz and Lisa are no longer in need of a place for their own children to live, they were delighted to have the opportunity to do so.

The arrangement breathed new life into the household, as a result of which their home was once again stuffed to the brim with endless bins of toys and developed into a fun-filled environment as the family drew closer.

Dr. Oz takes great delight in the fact that he is a loving grandparent to his many grandkids, in addition to the lovely offspring he has fathered. Dr. Oz said that he looks forward to the moment when his children and grandkids come to see him and his wife in New Jersey because he knows they will have a good time there. He disclosed that:

“When the children come running into the home and they are excited to be here, it makes me happy. It takes on the appearance of a beehive.”

He confesses that his grandchildren frequently want to visit dad because they know that when they do, they always do something enjoyable. Spending time with his grandchildren is one of his favorite ways to pass the time, and he considers this to be one of his favorite activities. He claims that if things don’t go according to plan, he wants to constantly be doing something active and catching their emotions.

He freely admits that he frequently goes way too far with his grandkids, and his wife frequently calls him out for interfering with them and prodding them all the time. This is because he constantly wants them to swim in the pool with him, run around, or visit different places, and he does this constantly.

Dr. Oz said on his show that he enjoys buying his grandchildren gifts and serving as a game babysitter for them. He enjoys it immensely while his daughter Daphne is at work since then he is able to “kidnap” the children and bring them with him to New Jersey.

He also said several times that they have him in the palm of their hand and that they are able to obtain everything they want from him. He admitted that they had him wrapped around their fingers.

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