The efforts of a high school administrator who strives to be a positive role model for both his colleagues and his pupils continue to go above and beyond. North Charleston High School in North Charleston, South Carolina, is led by Henry Darby, who serves as the school’s principal. Even though his primary work is hectic and requires a lot of his time, Darby has decided to take on a second job in order to bring in some more income. The money that Darby earns from his second work is donated to those of his pupils who are struggling financially, rather than being put in his own pocket.

Darby has been able to earn some additional income to assist his pupils by working at Walmart during the graveyard shift to stock shelves. This is because the majority of the student population at Darby’s high school is economically disadvantaged and lives below the poverty line. Darby has managed to keep his humility despite the fact that he has taken on a wide variety of tasks and gone above and beyond what is asked of him. In point of fact, he is not the kind of person who is likely to seek validation or plaudits from other people. He did not reveal that he had a second source of money, which demonstrated unequivocally that he was acting altruistically in accomplishing what he was doing. It can’t be denied that Darby has a genuine concern for his pupils.

People eventually learned that he was working two jobs at the same time while also attempting to assist his pupils in any way that he possibly could. When word got out, a flood of gratitude was sent Darby’s way; in fact, even news outlets and Walmart got involved in promoting his good actions because of the outpouring of praise they received. In January of 2021, Walmart came to the conclusion that it was about time for the school principal to get some recognition for all that he had done for his pupils.

The fact that ninety percent of the student population at North Charleston High School lives below the federal poverty level, as reported by TODAY, makes Darby’s efforts that much more relevant. Darby attempted to keep quiet about the fact that she was working two jobs, but ultimately the news got out. When others found out about his second job at Walmart, the principal of the school believed that he was no longer “worthy of distinction to justify the attention” that he had been receiving.

Cynthia Solomon, who is in charge of managing the Walmart shop, stated, “Even before we knew, there was something unique about him.” “I would be delighted to have Mr. Darby for as long as he is willing to have us as a member of his family and even farther into the future,” she said. In January of 2021, Walmart did its bit to assist Darby’s pupils by providing them with assistance. A cheque in the amount of $50,000 was given to the principal of the high school by the corporation in order to assist those pupils who were struggling financially. While she was handing him the check, Solomon said to him, “You’re amazing, and we appreciate you here at Walmart for everything that you are doing to support your community.”

The whole thing left Darby speechless and upset, and she was utterly taken away by it. He thanked her profusely and added, “Thank you so very lot.” “Our pupils are going to respond positively to this in a very, very positive manner.” Darby could not stop gushing about how incredible his pupils are. He referred to these pupils as the cream of the crop and asserted that they were the finest of the best. “We adore them with all of our hearts.”

According to TODAY, the school administrator has no intention of quitting the second job he has at Walmart. The principle has maintained her efforts to persuade individuals to treat one another with consideration at all times. “Just figure out how to assist other people,” he said. “In terms of human beings, it is one of the most important things we could do.”

According to the findings of a local newspaper called The Post and Courier, Darby has always had a strong work ethic. This trait has been consistent throughout his life. When he was just six years old, he accompanied his mother on trips to retirement homes and assisted living facilities, where he was taught how to comb and braid the hair of the inhabitants. Then, when Darby was a teenager, he worked three or four jobs at the same time. This is something that he continued to do even after he became the administrator of North Charleston High School in 2017. Additionally, he was elected to the County Council in 2004, and he was reelected to that position in 2020. He disclosed that:

“Because of the way I approach my business, I am used to situations like these… This is simply something that I do as a normal part of my existence.

Administrator of the parent advocate program at North Charleston High School, Elizabeth Bowens, stated:

“He has such a large heart. This is his hometown, after all. It is still his home now, and here is where he grew up. These kids are like his kids.”

It turns out that one of the reasons Darby is so motivated to give back is because he has personally experienced the coming together of community in his own life. When he was just three years old, his father went away suddenly, and the people of his local church pooled their resources to purchase him a suit after his father’s funeral. Then, when Darby was 17, his mother passed away, and his aunt, uncle, and cousins came together to assist him during this difficult time, He went on to Explain:

It’s safe to assume that other individuals were instrumental in my journey to this point in my life.

Darby’s understanding of the significance of community has motivated him to assist those who are struggling and to encourage others to get more engaged in their communities. He added:

“It is my hope that those of us who were born into poverty, who had to strive to get where we are today, who have made it to at least the lower middle class, would look back to assist those who are in need.”

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