On the CBS soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful,” played by Matthew Atkinson, Thomas Forrester was a terrifying villain at one point. It was a sign of how enamored he was with Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) that he even kissed a mannequin made to look like her. There was nothing that he wasn’t prepared to do in order to realize his ideal family, which consisted of himself, Hope, and their small son Douglas. In spite of this, Douglas relocated his permanent residence to be with Hope and her husband, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), throughout the upheaval. Thomas was able to communicate with Douglas, but their relationship was not the same as it had been. Thomas is no longer responsible for providing his kid with the main dwelling (via Soaps In Depth). This method was successful for a while. Unfortunately for Hope, now that Thomas has completed his rehabilitation and is doing well, he is prepared to make significant changes to the arrangement that they now have.

Hope is upset because Thomas wants Douglas to come back. He wants Douglas to move in with his father so that they may rebuild their relationship after being apart for a lengthy amount of time. Hope is adamantly opposed to the concept, and as a result, the Logans and the Forresters will be pitted against one another once again. Because of the length of time that Hope and Liam have spent living with Douglas, Hope does not want any changes to be made. However, Douglas is becoming increasingly outspoken about wanting to spend more time with Thomas, which inspired Thomas to come to Hope with this proposition. Hope is still undecided about whether or not to accept Thomas’ proposal (via Soaps.com).

As Hope’s husband, Liam is right in the thick of everything, although it may be hard to figure out precisely where he stands at times. We can thank Clifton for providing some illumination into Liam’s perspective on everything that’s going on here.

In a recent interview with Soaps.com, Scott Clifton discussed the possibility of Douglas Forrester moving in with Thomas Forrester and provided insight into Liam Spencer’s perspective on the matter. Despite the fact that Liam and Thomas have had disagreements in the past, there is one thing that Liam cannot deny. Clifton made the following statement about Liam: “The one thing that Liam doesn’t doubt is that Thomas loves Douglas.” Douglas is very important to Thomas, yet his history of using his son as a tool casts a shadow over their relationship (via Soap Dirt). Clifton made a reference to the influence that Thomas’s acts in the past have had on Liam’s life when he said that Liam “had a little bit of post-traumatic stress disorder.” Given that Thomas hid the fact that Hope and Liam’s kid were still alive (according to Soaps In Depth), it is not hard to see why Liam could be irritated by the situation.

Because of Thomas’ unhealthy fixation with Hope, Liam has been put through the wringer throughout the years. This fixation even extended to Thomas developing feelings for a mannequin that was designed to appear like Hope. Understanding Thomas’ perspective won’t be a simple task at all.

In the event that Hope and Thomas went to court to determine who would have custody of Douglas, the result of the case is still up in the air. However, Clifton also hinted at the possibility of a narrative twist between Liam and Thomas when he said, “There’s always opportunity in the future for them to, not just reconcile with one other, but come to love each other.” This statement was made in reference to the two characters. To make that happen, Thomas would need to put in more effort, and the first step in getting back in Liam’s good graces would probably be to abandon the assumption that Douglas would move in. Thomas would have to put in more work to make that happen.

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