In the neighborhood of Santissimo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a good Samaritan came across a dog that was helplessly laying on the ground and in dire need of assistance.

She had been aimlessly walking the streets with a severely swollen face and was still in a lot of agonies after the incident. She was so ill that the person who discovered her had to tie her up to a fence to prevent her from escaping. Despite their best efforts, she was unable to consume any food.

We are fortunate that Randel Silva, who runs a nearby dog rescue organization, learned about the puppy and agreed to assist. They were so worried about this adorable puppy that they hurried her to the doctor and gave her the name Jade.

It seemed as though she had been subjected to physical violence. She was bloated, in pain, and covered in blood. She also had significant anemia and was very dehydrated.

The veterinarians immediately began administering antibiotics to her and cared for her around the clock. At this time, she is feeding on her own, and the swelling in her face has decreased.

She has the vitality, alertness, and intelligence of a completely new dog, and she seems to be brand new. She will continue to receive care from them until she has made a complete recovery and is able to go on to a home where she will reside permanently.

By Anna

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