While Craig Melvin was growing up, he had a strained connection with his father, but he decided that he did not want to repeat the pattern. Melvin has come a long way on his path to healing and forgiveness, and as a result, he is the finest possible father to his two children.

Craig Melvin is a well-known American journalist, and he just published his book Pops: Learning to be a Son and Father in 2021. The book is titled “Learning to be a Son and Father.”

Melvin candidly discusses the tumultuous connection he had with his father throughout his formative years in the book. He discusses the cycle of generational pain that has been passed down in his family and how authoring this book was a means for him to break the pattern and heal his family.

It is unclear to the journalist who raised Melvin’s father while his grandmother was incarcerated that Melvin’s father, Lawrence, was born in jail. Lawrence’s grandmother was also incarcerated at this time.

The vicious cycle of instability and neglect that Lawrence was subjected to resulted in his being an absentee parent who also battled alcoholism. Because of the severity of his addiction, the majority of Melvin’s recollections of his father include him being asleep in bed.

Melvin’s life had been profoundly altered by the loss of his father, and he carried a great deal of pain with him. However, writing his book was also a means for him to forgive his father.

Melvin was not able to sit in his usual anchor chair for his interview with Today, instead he was tasked with bringing his narrative to life. The writer said that another purpose for writing his book was to let his father know that he is forgiven despite the fact that he was absent through some life events.

Melvin said that he assisted his father in his fight against alcoholism. After becoming a parent himself, Melvin came to the realization that his father had made many sacrifices in order to provide a roof over his head and food on the table for the family.

He came to the conclusion that his father was unhappy, and once he was aware of all of this information, he was able to break the cycle of sadness that had been passed down from generation to generation, forgive his father, and enjoy his time spent with him while he was still alive.


On the set of NBS in 2008, Melvin met the woman who would become his wife, Lindsay Czarniak. Czarniak had just recently returned home after working in the Beijing Olympics for a total of three weeks.

Because Melvin was brand new to the NBC staff, he made sure to introduce himself properly. Both Melvin and Czarniak were captivated by the introduction; Melvin felt she was stunning and wanted to learn more about her, while Czarniak believed “he seemed like a pleasant man with excellent energy.”

Although they worked in the same building, the journalists did not constantly interact with one another. Melvin spent the most of his time working in South Carolina, which is where he was born and raised, but whenever he got the opportunity, he would find a way to “coincidentally” run into Czarniak.

Following a month of awkward encounters, Czarniak extended an invitation to Melvin to accompany her to a charity banquet that she was throwing. She recalls thinking to herself, “It was so simple to be there with him.”

Melvin dropped her off at her house at the end of the night and inquired as to whether or not he might accompany her up the front steps. Czarniak resisted letting him in, but ultimately she succumbed.

Melvin began his defense by stating, “I am from South Carolina,” after which he stepped across the kitchen counter and kissed the woman. He did this to defend his daring behavior.

The next day, Czarniak saw his jacket on the chair where it had been the day before; she had never had an office romance before, so everything was incredibly nerve-wracking for her.

Melvin was experiencing a combination of anxiety and excitement, but being the gentlemen that he was, he made sure to leave her a note in the afternoon to see how she was doing.

The newly formed pair did not want their new relationship to interfere with their professional lives, so they kept going out for drinks together but pretended nothing was going on between them.

In 2009, Melvin made the decision that he would approach his co-anchor with the intention of elevating the situation to the next level. Czarniak said that she did not accept his offer because she perceived it to be an ultimatum.

Melvin took the fall, but throughout that time he was also involved with other women, and he did not have the same kind of connection to those ladies that he had with Czarniak.

Unfortunately, Melvin maintained his distance from Czarnik but never stopped seeking for the same thing in other women that he experienced with her. After he said, “They are not her,” the journalist made the decision to try his luck once again.

Melvin invited Czarniak out on a date in July 2009, and she reluctantly accepted his invitation. After that night, things started to seem normal for Czarniak, and she came to the conclusion that she loved spending time with Melvin more than any other person she’s spent time with.

The pair went on a more formal dinner date, which turned out to be the night that changed everything. Prior to that, they had discussed the issues with the person they were seeing.

They dated for a total of three years before Melvin made his proposal, during which time their relationship was kept a secret for a period of time.

Melvin popped the question to Czarniak when they were spending the weekend on a yacht in Miami in 2011, and the two have been together ever since.

The pair entered into this relationship well aware that it would have an impact on their employment contracts at NBC; nonetheless, they did so with the understanding that they would eventually depart and further their careers elsewhere.

Melvin and Czarniak were married in the same year at the Church of the Holy City, which is located on 16th Street, NW. They celebrated their big day with their current and previous employees by accompanying them in a vintage Bentley that they drove to their reception and by inviting those people.


On March 10, 2014, Melvin and Czarniak became the proud parents of their first child, a boy named Delano. His father said that throughout his life, he was an avid sports fan, particularly one who enjoyed playing soccer and darts.

He raved over his kid, saying that he is the reason his son smiles every day and that he is “happy to be his dad.” After another year had passed, the couple decided to have a family.

On November 5, 2016, they became parents to a girl whom they named Sybil Ann. Melvin is a husband and a father of two children. He has said that the most enjoyable part of his day is when he returns home to his family and is welcomed with an excited “daddy!” by his children. “It’s never going to grow old,” he said further.

Melvin takes great pride in his role as a parent and is well aware of the pressure that all parents feel to act in the best interests of their offspring. As a result, the dateline host had a message for the other fathers, which he said as follows:

“We are all doing the absolute best that we are capable of, and the majority of the things that we stress over aren’t even the things that our children will remember,” said the speaker.

Melvin did not let his difficult upbringing to carry over into his role as a parent in any way. Because of his efforts, his father, Lawrence, will have the opportunity to become a wonderful grandpa, and Melvin will be able to enjoy his roles as a proud son and devoted parent.

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