When the accident occurred, it exacerbated the back pain that Adele had been experiencing for some time.

The singer, who is featured on the cover of the September edition of ELLE, said that while she has had a poor back since she was a teenager, she also has a slipped disc that occurred as a result of a joke that was played on her by her son Angelo, who is 9 years old.

According to the publication, the 34-year-old singer of “Easy on Me” “slipped her L6 in January 2021, when Angelo leaped out to startle her as she walked out of the bathroom,” which caused the injury.

Adele reveals in a different part of the interview that her boyfriend Angelo is a huge Billie Eilish fan and describes him as “obsessed” with her music.

“He’ll go up to [his room] after school and read all the lyrics, and then he’ll want to talk them,” she said of her son, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Simon Konecki. “He’ll go up to [his room] and read all the lyrics and then he’ll want to discuss them.” 2019 marked the beginning of the end for the pair after two years of marriage and seven years spent together.

When asked about her plans for the future, the singer known for “Rolling in the Deep” said that she “absolutely wants more babies.”

“The stability of my life, in which I am a housewife and a matriarch, is beneficial to my musical endeavors. However, at this very moment, all that is going through my head is Las Vegas. I want to completely and utterly ace it.”

Adele, who is now in a relationship with sports agent Rich Paul, said “Yes, certainly” when she was asked whether she would ever want to remarry in the future.

Adele discussed the “very personal” third tune from her fourth studio album, 30, during an interview with Tom Power that took place in November of last year on the show q with Adele.

The song, which is titled “My Little Love,” includes recordings of discussions that she had with her son Angelo when he was just six years old. It also provides a listener with a behind-the-scenes look at the mother explaining to Angelo why she had separated from his father.

She made light of the situation by joking, “He’ll definitely go through periods of disliking it when he’s a teenager…” But since it was such a significant piece of the jigsaw puzzle that was my life — not the album — I felt compelled to include it.

Adele described the dialogues that took place in the song as “intense,” and she said that she wanted “to be transparent with him and just be honest with him.”

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