This month marks a number of significant junctures in the lives of Tori and Zach Roloff, who just welcomed their first child.

On Wednesday, Tori posted some adorable images of her son Jackson Kyle, who is 5 years old, on his first day of school. She also pondered on the experience of witnessing her eldest child embark on the next stage of his life.

“The sight of this child fills my chest with joy and pride. He entered his first day of school with all the self-assurance in the world. He is very confident in himself, and I adore how he can go into a room and command everyone’s attention. the elated mother explained.

Tori began by stating that she and her husband are “so stinking proud of our kindergartener,” and then she went on to explain their plans for the little boy’s future.

“I ask the Lord to keep this young man’s emotional well-being safe each and every day. in order to instill in him the confidence and the strength to go on. I hope that he is always kind and willing to provide a hand. I will also hope that he has the same level of enthusiasm for school on the day he graduates as he had today.

Tori disclosed the information that Jackson was quite excited about the event. She revealed that he kept repeating the phrase “today is all about me and going to kindergarten!” throughout the day. “Even though it’s only been two hours, I’m already missing him like crazy, and today’s celebration of him feels so very meaningful.”

In addition, the mother of three children published a video in which several scenes depicting the morning routine of getting ready for school were shown.

She said in the caption below the video, “I can’t believe we have a kindergartener!” “He couldn’t wait to get out of bed and head to school this morning! So happy and proud of our little J!

Tori published a heartwarming photo on Instagram earlier this week in celebration of their baby Josiah Luke reaching the age of four months old. The star of Little People, Big World shared a number of updates regarding her little son along with two adorable images of the baby he is now holding.

“This lump of love is 4 months today! Even I came dangerously close to missing this shot. Before Si decided that it was time for bed, I had approximately two minutes and six photographs from which to choose. Nevertheless, here we are: I still haven’t skipped a single monthly picture!!” Tori is the author.

Josiah, whose mother Tori is also the mother of Zach’s daughter Lilah Ray, who is 2 years old, “does not skip a meal!” according to Tori, who also shared that her kid is presently in the “96th percentile for weight.”

“Already, he is bouncing all over the place! He smiles all the time and seems to be in such a good mood (until he isn’t, ). Especially for his younger brothers and sisters! “She went on to say more. “He would be delighted if you chatted to him and smiled at him the whole day! As you can see from the pictures, he enjoys putting his hands in his mouth (I’m very sure he’s going to cut a tooth soon)!”

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