The love that a parent has for their child is limitless. One mother, Lori Keeney, from Oklahoma had her son go to the end of the world for her when he rescued her. While most parents would go to any lengths for their children, Lori Keeney’s son went to any lengths for her. Something terrible occurred during the time when Keeney and her son Gavin were spending the morning swimming in the pool located in their backyard.

As soon as Gavin came out of the water for a little while, he had the sudden realization that his mother was in serious danger. Gavin was standing a few ways away on the porch when he heard splashing and realized something was wrong. He dashed to the pool and turned around just in time to watch his mother sinking under the water’s surface. In order to save his mother, Gavin dove headfirst into the water. He was able to pick her up and hold her head above water until help arrived. He saved her life. While the boy waited for his grandfather to arrive and provide assistance, he helped his mother up the pool ladder by carrying her.

After successfully rescuing his mother, he was finally honored for his bravery with a prize that would last a lifetime. Gavin was recognized for his courage by the Kingston Police Department and given an honor. Gavin finally prevented his mother from passing away by following both his instincts and his affection for her. Keeney has said that her kid is not only the love of her life, but also the hero of her life at this point. During an appearance on Good Morning America, Keeney disclosed that she does, in fact, struggle with epilepsy and seizures. Keeney is unsure whether she would have made it through the seizure that she had in the water if her son hadn’t been there to help her. Gavin said that he was nervous, but he was sure that he had to do whatever it took to rescue his mother.

The Keeney family was fortunate enough to have a home surveillance system that recorded the whole of the terrifying incident. During the interview with GMA that took place in August of 2022, Keeney said that she and her kid were having a wonderful morning spending time outdoors together. She said that her kid had just finished swimming when she began to have a seizure, and she told everyone that he had just come out of the water. Keeney explained what happened: “(Gavin) had just gotten out of the water, and I instantly fell into a seizure.” She went on to say, “It worried me more than anything else has ever scared me.”

When Gavin went outside on the porch, he saw that his mother seemed to be distressed while she was swimming in the pool. When he rushed over to check on his mother, he saw that she was “drowning” in the pool. Even though the brave son acted on instinct, he did confess that he was terrified before he took action. “I was terrified a little bit,” the son said after reflecting on his experience. However, Gavin was able to transform his fear into courage, and others took note of this trait of his. The courage shown by Gavin couldn’t help but get the attention of the Oklahoma police department as well. Gavin was honored for his bravery and courageous actions by the Kingston Police Department after he was responsible for rescuing his own mother.

After the terrible event, Keeney revealed that Gavin is more than simply her son; he is in fact her greatest hero. The elated mother said, “He is without a doubt my idol.” Nevertheless, Keeney did not end his actions there. She went on to clarify that she feels Gavin is someone who is watching out for her, and she specifically mentioned him. “However, I cannot deny the fact that I often get the impression that he is also my guardian angel.” After one of them has their life saved, the mother and son will become more closer to one another.

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