Vance McFarland, a military expert, has been waiting for this moment in time ever since he was stationed in Afghanistan. It should come as no surprise that no soldier is ever expected to complete a mission on their own. Ikar, a Czech Shepherd who had been educated to be a tactical explosive detection dog, was traveling with Vance. Ikar was Vance’s sidekick.

After they got home, Ikar was separated from Vance and sent back to Afghanistan shortly after participating in a brief picture opportunity with a comrade from his deployment. As he described what occurred, the emotion that was going through his mind was audible in his voice.

According to the legend, after Ikar got back from his trip, a private corporation made an offer to hire the dog as a worker; however, this did not really take place. Ikar was placed in a kennel, where it was anticipated that he would remain for about a month, but the unfortunate youngster ended up being there for seventeen months.

Ikar and the other dogs were reunited with their owner’s thanks to the efforts of Mission K9 Rescue and the US Battle Dogs Organization, who recognized that the situation warranted extra tender loving care. Because McFarland was Ikar’s first trainer, the teams had to do some kind of operation in order to locate him.

Vance continues by explaining how he came to the conclusion that he was being “stalked” on Facebook by receiving messages from individuals about Ikar. Bear in mind that the individual in question is a service member. They have a distinct perspective on what we commoners understand when we talk about tracking.

Imagine his elation, on the other hand, when he found out details about his former lover.
“Hope he remembers me.”

Even though it’s been three years, there’s no question that Ikar remembers Vance. Ikar notices Vance as he comes around the corner, and as soon as Vance shouts out to him, the gorgeous dog makes a beeline towards McFarland’s arms. Look see him nuzzle up to Vance and give him a sniff!

Talk about how you feel. The face of Vance, a man who has been schooled for battle, is full of what seems to be a delight.
That’s the kind of love that exists between a man and his closest buddy. Ikar most certainly went back to his house with him. This sweet shepherd will live out the rest of his days with Vance’s wife and two or three other dogs, where he will be doted on and given the kind of love and attention that every dog should have.

Additionally, the Czech is referred to as the Bohemian Shepherd. They were bred to be security dogs and working dogs from the beginning, therefore they are very bright and kind. This breed enjoys being in the company of children and other members of families, which means that prospective owners will need to devote a significant amount of time to both physical activity and recreational pursuits. They have a calm demeanor and are fast to learn, making effective use of the superior intellect they possess.

“These dogs should NEVER be separated from their friends (trainers), and when their master goes back to his house, the dogs should go back with him. These dogs are just incredible! This dog was overjoyed, and it was clear that he had not forgotten his companion.

It would seem that everyone else has the same feelings.

My eyes welled up with tears as the soldier said “I love you” to his comrade, and my heart began to sob.

If Ikar performed a good job while he was deployed (which we make sure he did), then he is going to do an even greater job when he returns home and becomes a member of the family. These Czech Shepherds have an excellent temperament and get along well with everyone, even other animals. In addition to that, he has a lot of room to stretch out his legs without the danger of a bomb going off.

Vance says that although they have a lot of toys in their house, they are still going to go out and get some more. Ikar, who is 5 years old, is allowed to have the day off.

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