Nika Todua and Irina Liklikadze were on a walk along a busy thoroughfare in the city of Rustavi, which is located in Georgia, an eastern European republic, in the month of October last year when they discovered a little clump of hair on the pavement. As they got closer, they could see that it was a little puppy that was unable to defend itself.

The puppy, which seemed to be about one month old, did not move a muscle and in all honesty, appeared to be lifeless. But when Todua and Liklikadze, who are both volunteers with a dog rescue organization known as Animal Buddies, stroked the puppy, they felt the puppy’s small body moving along with her feeble breaths.

Todua said that it was unexpected since the woman in question was in such poor health and was destined to pass away. “She was starving, dehydrated, and had a significant number of worms… and she was a really submissive person.”

According to Todua, the fate of being hit by a vehicle is a common one for dogs in the city of Rustavi, but the people who came to the dog’s rescue prevented that from happening. The animal seemed too little and young to be on her alone, so they tried to locate the puppy’s mother nearby. However, after speaking with several locals, they learned the unfortunate history of the dog.

Todua said that they had been informed that the puppy’s mother had been killed when she was struck by a car. “We have no idea what became to her siblings and sisters,” the speaker said.

The ladies brought the puppy home with them, where they started treating the dog’s malnutrition and parasites while also attempting to coax the animal into eating some food. She probably only weighed about a half pound at the time, so putting on some weight was an absolute need for her.

They gave her the name E.T., after the character from the film of the same name, since they thought that she looked more like an odd creature than a typical puppy.

E.T., however, became stronger and healthier as the days went on, and she started appearing even more like a dog than an extraterrestrial did as time went on. And nine months later, E.T. had really very much tripled in size and weight, and presently she is living a totally different life than she had in her very early days on the street. This is because she has been eating a lot more food than she used to.

Todua said that “she deals with one of the members of our group,” which was an allegation that was made by Todua.
“She enjoys having a good time, going for walks, and eating. It’s very funny, but she really enjoys eating cucumbers and pumpkins. “Oh, she’s such a happy little dog!”

Todua helps to rescue and feed a large number of stray dogs each year, but the tale of E.T. is the one that has remained very close to her heart.

“The most encouraging and psychologically beneficial aspect of this rescue was her development from a weak and miserable puppy into a joyful dog,”

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