After being married for twenty-four years, David Bowie and Iman Abdulmajid both passed away in 2016, putting an end to their relationship. But the beginning of their love story began a long time before that, and it all started with a blind date that altered everything.

Matchmaking was essential to the development of David Bowie and Iman Abdulmajid’s everlasting love story, which would not have been possible without the assistance of an intermediary. Teddy Antolin, who has been David Bowie’s longstanding friend and hairdresser, is the one who deserves all of the credit for this accomplishment.

The kind buddy has been forthright about setting up the couple, stating that he acted since his friend was living an increasingly isolated lifestyle.

Once upon a time, Antolin thought, “David was by himself a lot of the time. It was really upsetting because after David put in all of his effort each day, he went home to his apartment by alone.” As Antolin pointed out, David Bowie was at the pinnacle of his global success during this time period, which occurred in the 1980s. Because he did not want his longtime buddy to have a miserable existence, he decided to take action and arranged up a blind date for him.

He begged David Bowie to attend his birthday celebration in Los Angeles, where he had also invited the renowned supermodel Iman. Neither of them had any suspicions about his motivation, but they were happy to show up for a mutual buddy.

Iman was wearing an all-black outfit that matched her Mercedes when they arrived at the location, however David Bowie was dressed in white clothes when he made his entrance. They were under the impression that there would be a birthday party, but instead it was just a date for the four of them in a restaurant in New York that was otherwise vacant.

Antolin reflected on how fantastic the two of them seemed in their costumes, which, by complete serendipity, matched each other. As soon as Iman walked into the room, she immediately became the center of everyone’s attention, and the singer’s gaze did not leave her for even a single second.

The hairstylist referred to the energizing moment as love at first sight, stating that he could feel the sparks flying as they locked gazes. He also noted that he could feel the sparks flying as they locked gazes.

After then, Bowie couldn’t stop thinking about the woman who would eventually become his wife. The immense joy that he felt made it impossible for him to fall asleep. In spite of the fact that he was unaware of Iman’s sentiments for him, he went so far as to start making a list of names for their potential children. He had previously disclosed:

“In my mind, it was a foregone conclusion that she would become my wife. In the whole of my life, I had never pursued something with such fervor before. I had a gut feeling that she was the one.”

It took the supermodel a few of months before she realized that she shared his love for her. After he crouched down to help her tie her shoelace on one occasion while they were in the midst of the streets, a lightbulb went out for her.

After that, she had the epiphany that he was her true love. The couple decided to get engaged after dating for just a short period of time. It is important to note that Iman did not accept Bowie’s proposal the first time he made it.

Teddy claims that she wanted him to see some of her folks before they were married so that he could fully comprehend that he was not just marrying her but also her whole tribe. She was fortunate in that she accepted his proposal the second time he made it, and she has never been sorry for her choice. On April 24, 1992, David Bowie and Iman finalized their relationship by being married, exactly two years after their first encounter with one another.

The choice that Bowie and Iman made to have a child together

It is a known fact that the couple has always desired to have children together ever from the beginning of their whirlwind affair. Despite this, it took the couple a whole decade before they were finally blessed with a child of their own, a girl named Alexandria Jones.

Bowie said that in order to provide an explanation for why it took them so long to become parents despite the fact that they want it “more than anything else,” they waited to ensure that the conditions were “exactly correct.” In addition to this, he said:

“During the first two years of the child’s existence, [we didn’t want to] push ourselves to our physical and mental limits at work. This makes for a fantastic connection in both of our lives.”

The happy couple was ecstatic with the arrival of the child, despite the fact that they each already had children from prior relationships. After the kid was born, Bowie acknowledged in an interview that the new addition to their family gave them happiness, pulled them closer to each other, and enriched their lives in ways that they could not have imagined.

They chose a name for their child that had a particular meaning for both of them, which was a reflection of the intimacy that existed between the two of them. Bowie said that “Alexander” had been one of his preferred choices for a baby name for a considerable amount of time.

He was taken aback when his wife, who was unaware of his inclination, said one day that if they were blessed with a daughter, they ought to call her “Alexandria, after the Greco-Egyptian City,” if they choose to give her that name. When he realized how similar the name was to the one he wanted, the decision was made for him.

Bowie’s life underwent more of a transformation than he was prepared for with the arrival of their daughter. During an interview in 2003, the singer-songwriter was very open about the profound impact that the youngster had on his life.

Since she was born, he has discovered that he is compelled to write more forcefully and from a more positive point of view, even while writing on topic areas that are more negative.

He thought it was his method of instinctively avoiding himself from bringing gloom into her future by refraining himself from doing anything negative. Bowie was able to have a more optimistic outlook as a result of Alexandria’s arrival into the world.


Ian, like her husband, wished nothing but happiness and success for their daughter in life. Therefore, despite the fact that she was stunningly beautiful, she disapproved of the thought of her daughter following in her footsteps and becoming a model.

In addition, she worked hard to prevent the girl from following in the footsteps of many of her contemporaries and becoming a celebrity just because her parents were renowned. As a direct consequence of this, the doting mother was compelled to refuse the offers that came in from several modeling agencies seeking to sign Alexandria.

Iman was seen as being overprotective in the eyes of the couple’s daughter, who valued such offerings very highly. However, her mother instilled in her the need of maintaining the discretion of her personal life.

Alexandria grew up to become a painter much like her renowned father, and she even sparked an interest in painting in her own mother. She went on to become a poet and a singer, inheriting her father’s poetic skill in the process.

Although the actress is not quite as well-known as Bowie, she has amassed an enormous fan following as a result of posting her poems on her public Instagram account. The majority of her works are centered on feminist interpretations of love, intimacy, and autonomy.

In February of 2021, she uploaded her very first song on Instagram, and it became an instant sensation when her half-brother Duncan Jones praised her singing abilities on Twitter. We can only hope that the creative genes inherited from Alexandra’s father and shown to the public are only the beginning of the numerous accomplishments that lie ahead for her.

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