A few days ago, a lovely little dog who had passed out from heat exhaustion was found in the general area of San Antonio, Texas. According to San Antonio Pets Alive, the young puppy Bonnie, who was only five months old, was abused. According to the animal rights group, “Bo” Nie was found with her lips entirely taped shut when she was standing outdoors in the blazing heat. Due to the lack of circulation in her face, her lips and nose are pale and bloated. The wounds and blood that the tape’s firm grasp has left on her scalp draw attention to the areas of her head that are bald. When she was entrusted to our care, she had a comparable level of filth on her.”

“After a period of time equal to about five months and six pounds of adorable newborn weight, a monstrosity kidnapped her. In such circumstances, she was unable to properly hydrate herself, digest her food, excrete, wash herself, or even breathe regularly. If you take back her fur, you’ll discover that all she has is a skeleton for a body.

On Monday, the animal sanctuary provided an update on Bonnie’s condition by posting a status update on Facebook, which read:

We have not yet come to a conclusion about the most effective course of therapy for her. Even though both her heart rate and blood pressure are normal, she is still unable to stand on her own. She is gaining new knowledge while also receiving a great deal of affection. That dinosaur plush animal is her all-time favorite plaything.

Bonnie is not currently available for adoption at this time. The organization asserts that

Once her physical condition improves to the point where she may be adopted, a loving home will be found for her. Before she can be considered ready for a long-term commitment to a family, she has a long way to go.

Anyone who is interested in adopting is strongly encouraged to give some thought to adopting one of the many other homeless animals who are in need by the organization.

Know that you are giving a safe haven for a young animal as well as a kennel for another animal in need if you choose to adopt or foster. We urgently want more room in order to save more precious lives as soon as possible. They are unable to move since there is no more available room.”

By Elen

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