When many individuals find out what other people are capable of doing to their dogs, it feels if they have been punched directly in the belly. It is heartening to see that an increasing number of states are passing more stringent animal cruelty legislation to discourage acts of neglect and abuse. Because Pennsylvania is one of those states, the fact that Nicole Baker tried to get away with throwing her dog out in the garbage in that state was not successful.

When people move into a new home, they often dispose of a large number of items in order to create space for their new lives. This is something that can be understood, but a pet is not an item. Dogs are alive, breathing, feeling animals that are capable of the same kinds of pain that people may experience.

When Nicole Baker made the decision to relocate in order to be with her partner more often, she did not just get rid of all of her belongings. She gave up her little puppy Mia, which she had just acquired around seven months before her transfer.

It was possible for her to surrender her dog to the local animal shelter. She had the option of leaving her in the care of a veterinarian. She had the option of finding a new home for her. In point of fact, as subsequent court papers would indicate, Mia’s friends had regularly volunteered to help out and look after her, but Baker refused their assistance and deceived them into believing that she was already receiving enough care by telling them she was OK.

Baker was aware of the fact that she wasn’t, though. Baker had on purpose confined her dog inside of a waste bag. After that, she relocated to Texas, taking the trash bag with her. Before she did so, she deposited it in a rubbish bin. It is already a harsh act to release a dog into the wilderness, but what Baker did to Mia was the equivalent of a drawn-out and excruciating death sentence.

Mia endured excruciating pain for many days while she was trapped in the trash can since she had no access to food, drink, or warmth and there was very little air. Mia’s tale probably would not be one of survival if it weren’t for Nathan Binne, a person who works in the sewage system in East Huntingdon Township, Pennsylvania. Binne was shocked and appalled by the thin and terrified state that the dog had been left in after being abandoned.

The Humane Society of Westmoreland County was contacted by the people who came to Mia’s rescue. They informed the proper authorities about the animal cruelty that had occurred and began working to get Mia back to a healthy state.

Fawna was given the old name Mia as she started a fresh new life. She was able to rediscover confidence in mankind as a result of the outpouring of support she received from the public in the form of contributions of cash, toys, clothing, and snacks. Since being taken in by Megan, a veterinary technician at the Humane Society, Fawna has put on more than 30 pounds and is flourishing in the warm and caring home that Megan has provided for her. Following her narrow escape from certain death, Fawna is seen in the video that can be found at the bottom of this piece. Fawna, in contrast to her previous owner, is a beautiful creature.

Both social media and traditional news channels held their collective breath as they awaited Baker’s fate. Baker agreed to a plea agreement in exchange for the reduced charge of disorderly conduct despite the strong evidence that he had intentionally caused animal cruelty.
As part of the bargain, Baker had to pay a fine of $620, participate in the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program, be evaluated for his mental health, and do community service. In addition, she will never be allowed to adopt another dog in the state of Pennsylvania.

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